Manhole : Iga City

Iga City

I think this manhole cover is very obvious what it represents 🙂


Eats in Nagasaki

When one mention food in Nagasaki, Champon and Castella comes to mind.


After walking around the Peace Park, I found 山東省 (Santosho) and small place specializing in Champon. There might be other more delicious place but this place was the closest I could find in my hungry state :D. It was not bad at all and cheap as well.

Another one is the Castella and of course since Nagasaki is home of the famous Bunmeido, I could not skip the chance of trying it where it started. Free tasting is available as well and it was simply delicious. I bought some for gifts which never made it to the intended people since I was not able to resist it and ate all of it.

Bunmeido Nagasaki
Free tasting. A small slice and some cold tea to go with it.

Bunmeido Nagasaki
The original Bunmeido place. Where it all started.

It was a short trip to Nagasaki but very interesting. I’m sure there might be some other hidden gems there that I have yet to discover but let’s leave it till my next adventure there.

Happy Tummy.

Manhole : Nagasaki City

Any trip around Japan will not be complete without finding it’s manhole cover, so while walking around the city I finally found it near the the peace park.
Nagasaki City

The design depicts the city’s flower, Ajisai (Hydrangea).

Unfortunately, this time I could not find the colored version.
Maybe you will luckier than me when you visit Nagasaki.

Hello Nagasaki

2017 was the year I found myself traveling more locally in Japan and visited some of the places on my list, one of those is Nagasaki City.

If you are familiar with history, Nagasaki is one of the places where the Atomic bomb was dropped during the WWII.  The other one is of course, Hiroshima City which I visited years ago.

One of the first places I visited after arrving is the  Peace & Atomic Bomb Museum. Compared to my experience in Hiroshima, where I ran outside after a few minutes, I have prepared myself to see the effect of this terrible event in the city.

Let’s take a short tour,shall we?

One the first item that will caught your eye is the clock showing the time the blast happened.

Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum
Remembering August 9, 1945 11:02 AM.

Nagasaki Atomic Bomb MuseumYou can also see some of the old photograph taken a few days after the bomb was dropped.
Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum
An aerial view of the actual location where the city was hit.

There are different part of history and actual experiences recorded in the museum but I think the main point of having this place is to be reminded how horrible war is.

As you get out of the main museum , you can see thousand of paper cranes, the symbol of peace made by both local and foreign visitors.

Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum

You can see more pictures here.

A few minutes walk from the museum, you can find the epicenter of the blast.
Atomic Bomb Hypocenter , Nagasaki

It was an eye opening experience. I did not ran this time. I took my time reading and watching the short films inside the museum. It helps us remember that technology is a great thing but it can also be a terrible weapon.

On the lighter note, you can also find the man-made island where the Dutch settlers live during the years they started trading with Japan, Dejima.

Dutch, were the very first foreigners allowed to trade in Japan but even still they were not allowed to enter the main city so this man-made island in Nagasaki was made for them.

Dejima , the Dutch settlement area in Nagasaki
Welcome to Dejima.

Let’s take a short tour
Dejima , the Dutch settlement area in Nagasaki
They retained an area to show how the Dutch have their meal.

Dejima , the Dutch settlement area in Nagasaki
A pole table for some fun.

It was short but fun trip. Thankfully LLC is getting famous, the  cheaper and faster way to travel around Japan.

If you ever visit Japan, make sure to include Nagasaki in your list.

More pictures here.

Manhole: Moriguchi City Part 2

The first  Manhole  of Moriguchi City  , that I  found was a bell surrounded by flowers. After following some manhole cover fans in instagram I found another one with a very cute design.

Moriguchi City , Osaka

The design shows the city’s mascot character “Moriyoshi もり吉” carrying Daikon (Horse Radish) together with the city’s flower Satsuki (Azalea).

You can easily find this design right outside Keihan Moriguchi Station.

Happy Hunting 🙂