Manhole: Moriguchi City Part 2

The first  Manhole  of Moriguchi City  , that I  found was a bell surrounded by flowers. After following some manhole cover fans in instagram I found another one with a very cute design.

Moriguchi City , Osaka

The design shows the city’s mascot character “Moriyoshi もり吉” carrying Daikon (Horse Radish) together with the city’s flower Satsuki (Azalea).

You can easily find this design right outside Keihan Moriguchi Station.

Happy Hunting 🙂


4 thoughts on “Manhole: Moriguchi City Part 2

  1. Lucky you!
    Could you be kind enough to send me a copy?
    Incidentally what are the manhole covers from Shizuoka Prefecture you would like to receive?
    It will be a pleasure to send you tons of them!
    Bets regards,

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