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Manhole : Odawara City

Personally I have only passed Odawara on my way to Izu or some other places but never really ventured out.


The backdrop is Odawara Castle and the scene is called Odawara-juku in the late 1830’s.

This picture is courtesy of a dear friend J who went out on his way after work in Odawara to take this picture for me.

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Manhole : Tama-Ku

Tama-Ku , Kawasaki City Kanagawa JapanTama-Ku is one of the eight wards in Kawasaki City.

I have lived in this area for more than a year and never noticed this manhole cover before. I asked a dear friend who still visit the area to check out if there are any interesting manhole and he got this for me, yippe.

The flower in the middle is Viola, Peach and it looks like those little circle thingy surrounding the flower is I think Nashi or pear which the city’s symbol for tree.


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Manhole : Hirakata City

Hirakata City, is located at the northeastern part of Osaka is quite famous for their amusement park that has a roller coaster made wood.

Hirakata City

well it’s very obvious that the big flower on top is the city’s flower symbol chrysanthemum but I can figure it the lower portion. The wooden roller coaster perhaps?

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Manhole : Yao City

Yao is another city within Osaka Prefecture established just after WWII. The city is not really a famous tourist destination so I have never had the chance to explore it.

For the sake of this manhole cover, I decided to walk all the way there 🙂

Yao City , Osaka Prefecture

It looks like a lady weaving but it never said in their website. Although Yao, it seems is known for many small manufacturing company so it might be that this shows one of the city’s production/manufacturing skills.

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Manhole : Haibara

Haibara, Uda Nara

We passed by Haibara during the Mt. Tomi Hike. Haibara is located in Uda District in Nara Prefecture.

The bird is Nightingale and the flower is Lily of the valley which symbolizes Uda’s bird and flower.

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