Manhole Cover : Toyoma City


Toyama City is famously known for the Shiragawa Village.  This sewerage cover depicts Gassho Zukuri houses with some snow falling on it.



Manhole : Iga City

Iga City

I think this manhole cover is very obvious what it represents 🙂

Manhole : Himeji City

Himeji City is famously known for it’s magnificent castle.

It is a city located in Hyogo Prefecture and can easily be accessed by either JR or Hanshin Train line from Osaka.

Himeji ( Colored Version )

At first I thought the design was a bird but it is actually the city’s flower called Sagiso (Radiata Flower).

Himeji ( Colored Version )

This other one is the flower and the bird (White Egret).

According to this page, there is another design which has the castle on it. I guess I have to go and look for it one more time.

If you are ever in Himeji area, try to look this manhole cover.


Manhole : Nagasaki City

Any trip around Japan will not be complete without finding it’s manhole cover, so while walking around the city I finally found it near the the peace park.
Nagasaki City

The design depicts the city’s flower, Ajisai (Hydrangea).

Unfortunately, this time I could not find the colored version.
Maybe you will luckier than me when you visit Nagasaki.

Manhole: Moriguchi City Part 2

The first  Manhole  of Moriguchi City  , that I  found was a bell surrounded by flowers. After following some manhole cover fans in instagram I found another one with a very cute design.

Moriguchi City , Osaka

The design shows the city’s mascot character “Moriyoshi もり吉” carrying Daikon (Horse Radish) together with the city’s flower Satsuki (Azalea).

You can easily find this design right outside Keihan Moriguchi Station.

Happy Hunting 🙂