Eats in Nagasaki

When one mention food in Nagasaki, Champon and Castella comes to mind.


After walking around the Peace Park, I found 山東省 (Santosho) and small place specializing in Champon. There might be other more delicious place but this place was the closest I could find in my hungry state :D. It was not bad at all and cheap as well.

Another one is the Castella and of course since Nagasaki is home of the famous Bunmeido, I could not skip the chance of trying it where it started. Free tasting is available as well and it was simply delicious. I bought some for gifts which never made it to the intended people since I was not able to resist it and ate all of it.

Bunmeido Nagasaki
Free tasting. A small slice and some cold tea to go with it.

Bunmeido Nagasaki
The original Bunmeido place. Where it all started.

It was a short trip to Nagasaki but very interesting. I’m sure there might be some other hidden gems there that I have yet to discover but let’s leave it till my next adventure there.

Happy Tummy.


Any thoughts?

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