Burger Quest : Moe Joe

Let’s get back in Osaka and try out some amazing burger at Moe Joe.

Moe Joe Burger with homemade chili

I ordered a Burger with home made chili and it was really good.  It was a bit small and there are still several choices from the menu and most are Mexican style dishes.

Prices, a bit pricey than Mc Donalds of course but tastier 😀

If you are around Shinsaibashi area and looking for a Burger and Mexican dishes in one, head out to Moe Joe.



A weekend trip to Hong Kong

Let ‘s take a short break from Thailand and head out to Hong Kong for a short trip.

Stopped by Hong Kong airport several times but never had the chance to visit this vibrant city and eat some delicious food.

Miss K found a really affordable flight to Hong Kong so off we go. We arrived in Hong Kong Friday night and left Sunday afternoon so we had the whole of Saturday to explore.

First stop is Fa Yuen Street  or Sneaker Market .  It is were most local shop so prices are going to be cheaper than tourist area.

Untitled Walking a little further we found the Flower Market and just enjoyed the beautiful flowers for free. Untitled
Enjoying the moment.

Untitled Beautiful Orchids and my mother will be very happy in this store.

The next stop is the Bird Park. Here you can find bird enthusiast were they bring their birds to interact with other birds to learn new songs. But the sad part is , they are also selling birds there. We were looking at some of the birds and then the owner just gave us a bad look and took the bird away. I think he was feeling over protected over his bird. Untitled
Practicing a song, but better to be free, right?

Birds and their owners.

Walking around the city made us both hungry so we made our way to Yum Cha.

Cute little buns shaped like pigs and other cute animals
Sweet Pumpkin Lava Bun

Untitled  Pig shaped Meat Bun Untitled

Cute little birds Tart.

Yum Cha offers this cute little buns, but taste wise, you can find better and more tastier treats in some areas and maybe affordable .

Now that we are filled, we head out the port area before heading to Victoria Peak.

Unfortunately, it was a cloudy day so not getting a good view.

The pirate ship. Reservation is needed.

We took a short ferry ride to Central from Tsim Sha Tsui but before heading out to Victoria Peak, have to try the infamous Egg Tart from Tai Cheong Bakery and some coffee from Pacific Coffee.
Untitled Now it is time to check out Victoria Peak. As soon as we got to the cable area, we know that it will take us forever to get to the top with all the tourist lining up, so we decided to take the taxi up and then walk back down. As soon as we got there, we have to try the egg waffle with Ice cream, eating time again 😀 Untitled

Again, it was a cloudy, foggy day so no city view for us.

It was a nice walk down though and then we explore a little bit of central Hong Kong and before heading out back to the hotel, we have to have another cake and this time from Maxim Bakery.

Very very delicious Mango Lava Cheese Cake.

It was a long day of walking and eating so both of us where really tired and slept really good.

There might be some good Night clubs or bars but both Miss K and I are not really into bars and nightclub.

The next day, it was more on shopping for present and food (again) before heading out to the airport and coming back to Osaka.

Could have stayed one more day and eat more but maybe next time.

Eats in Nagasaki

When one mention food in Nagasaki, Champon and Castella comes to mind.


After walking around the Peace Park, I found 山東省 (Santosho) and small place specializing in Champon. There might be other more delicious place but this place was the closest I could find in my hungry state :D. It was not bad at all and cheap as well.

Another one is the Castella and of course since Nagasaki is home of the famous Bunmeido, I could not skip the chance of trying it where it started. Free tasting is available as well and it was simply delicious. I bought some for gifts which never made it to the intended people since I was not able to resist it and ate all of it.

Bunmeido Nagasaki
Free tasting. A small slice and some cold tea to go with it.

Bunmeido Nagasaki
The original Bunmeido place. Where it all started.

It was a short trip to Nagasaki but very interesting. I’m sure there might be some other hidden gems there that I have yet to discover but let’s leave it till my next adventure there.

Happy Tummy.

Ramen : Kisshoumaru

One fine day, me and some friends decided to go to Kyoto and eat Ramen the whole day. We thought maybe we could eat a least 3 bowl but we can only manage two and one of that Ramen is just awesome.

Kisshoumaru is located in Kayamachi which is about 10 minutes walk from Hankyu Kawaramachi Station.

Ebi Tonkotsu Ramen @ Kisshoumaru Kyoto http://www.yelp.com/biz/eSc5rvUmhChV3mSdIiMcUA?utm_source=ishare

This is the first time I tried a Shrimp base Ramen and it was amazing. The soup was just so good, I can’t imagine the calorie but who cares :D.

It’s been a year so I probably go back to Kyoto and have another bowl.


Curry Quest : Kyu Yamu Tetsudo

It’s been awhile since I made an entry about my curry adventure (besides my burger quest, no wonder the belly is getting bigger 😀 ).

Another favorite curry place of mine is Kyu Yamu Testudo (旧ヤム鉄道) located at the B2F of Lucua Building just outside JR Osaka Station.

You can combine two or all different flavor together and enjoy it all at once.

Location is very convenient and price is affordable enough. Store ambiance is also nice and most important of all … NO smoking.

Kyu Yamu Tetsudo Kyu Yamu Tetsudo