Hotel Review : Ocean Paradise

Ocean Paradise is one of Sunny Paradise Hotel and is one the within our budget. 

Room is spacious and clean with ensuite bathroom and a huge tub. Buffet breakfast is also included. 

There was an extra payment if we want to use the pool I think but we can freely go around the other places. 

Very well maintained. Staff were polite enough. 

It’s a little bit out of the way from the central area so it’s quieter. 

Our room is not in the beach front, but it’s only a minute or two away. 

A great place to relax and unwind. 

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Myanmar Adventure : Ngwe Saung Beach

Now that we are finish with famous Religious places and historical places around Yangon and Bagan, it’s time to head out to the beach and have a few days of relaxing time.

There are several beaches around Myanmar, but this time we decided to go to Ngwe Saung Beach.  A very laid back place with an amazing sunset.

Since we were coming from Bagan, we needed to take the night bus back to Yangon then transfer to another bus terminal bound for Ngwe Saung. We were not familiar with the bus terminal so we asked our bus driver if he can drop us off the nearest area where we can switch to Hlaing Thar Yar bus terminal (Dagon Bus Terminal).

From Yangon, it will take another 7-8 hours to Ngwe Saung but it will greatly depend on your bus driver. The bus ride itself is an adventure. Before reaching Ngwe Saung, it will need to pass over the mountain and the way is well paved but curvy without guard rails and it is also a two way road. If there are two buses coming in from both direction, one needs to stop and make way for the other. If you are planning to visit during the rainy season (May-October) make sure to check if the buses are operating.

We spent a couple of days in Ngwe Saung and it was very relaxing.

Untitled A panoramic view of the beach. Untitled
There are also horseback riding available.

Untitled Sunset Untitled
We walked all the way to the other side.

The couple and the sunset.

Electricity is not 24/7 so sound big hotel have their own power generator.

Food is also good and affordable. The best time to go is during November – April , which is the dry season in the country.

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Hotel Review : Aung Si Guesthouse 

We were originally booked at hotel called Ocean Pearl Inn but since our flight from Malaysia to Yangon was delayed for two hours we got to the hotel late. 

When we arrived there they have given our rooms to walked in guest and decided to put us in one of their guesthouse : Aung Si .

They told us it would still be a double room with ensuite bathroom like what we booked , did not sound so bad so we agreed.

The only problem is it is located right beside a wet market. When we opened the room, we were greeted with mosquitoes. We basically spent the whole night killing all of them. We tried to opened the windows to let some fresh air in which is a mistake. As soon as we opened them, the stench from the market , a mixture of rotten veggies , fish and other things as well was unbearable. 

We closed it, continue killing mosquitoes and as soon as we drifted off to sleep, the market starts thier day which is about 4 am in the morning. We basically did not get any sleep at all. Jetlag and no sleep. The only thing that kept us moving that day were coffee and tea and the excitement of seeing a new place.

Oh i forgot to mention, they turn off the water late at night so if you need to do your thing, make sure to do it earlier in the day. 

Our only consulation is that the staff were pretty amazing. Very helpful , friendly and polite. 

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Myamar Adventure : Mt. Popa

We had a whole before our bus to Yangon leaves so we decided to visit Mt. Popa.
Mt. Popa is a dormant volcano which is about 40-50 minutes by car from New Bagan.
Untitled The temple on top of Mt. Popa Untitled
Another one.

We paid about 22,000 Kyats ( $15-17) for 2 people. The taxi waited for us too so it was really a good deal.

Untitled A long and scenic climb. Just like any temple in Myanmar, shoes are not allowed. You need to walk at least 700 stairs before you can reach the top. There are no specific fee to enter but you are required to donate a specific amount 🙂 for maintenance. There are several locals constantly cleaning the stairs in specific area which is really great. There are monkeys roaming around also so be careful about bringing food. Untitled
Your friendly neighborhood monkey.

Untitled View from the top. Untitled

One of the Pagoda on top.


If you have a few hours left before leaving Bagan, I suggest to take a short detour to Mt. Popa.

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Hotel Review : Bagan Empress

We originally booked our hotel near Old Bagan so that we can see the site early in the morning unfortunately the hotel seems to have lost our reservation.

Their lost our gain since we found an amazing hotel : Bagan Empress.

We paid $120 for 2 nights which includes breakfast. Ensuite bathroom and very spacious and clean room. Breakfast is in the rooftop which is really great. 

The owner is really helpful. Booking and calling our ride and even helped booked our hotel in our next destination. Very accomodating and polite and friendly. Gave us lots of tips where to eat and where to go. 

I highly recommend this place if your ever looking for a place in Bagan. 

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