Manhole Cover : Toyoma City

Toyama City is famously known for the Shiragawa Village.  This sewerage cover depicts Gassho Zukuri houses with some snow falling on it.  

Elephant Nature Park

It has been my long dream to see a real elephant , touch at (if possible) and admire this magnificent creature. The first time I saw one was in a zoo, I think in Ueno or maybe Tennoji (not sure) but it did not look happy at all. The second time was in Angkor Wat…

Thailand 2018 : The Sanctuary of Truth

Although The Sanctuary of Truth has probably left some forest bald , deforestation , you can’t helped but be impressed by it. This temple is located Pattaya which is about 3 hours by bus from Bangkok.  It is located along the shore, so the sea breeze constantly deteriorate the structure so it needs constant maintenance….

Koga and Iga Ninja Village

There are two neighboring Ninja Village , Koga in Kyoto and Iga in Mie. Koga or Koka  is less touristy and more for kids than adults. Iga has more activities for tourist and for adults as well. Ninja costume are more elaborate than of Koga but both places are fun to visit and just an…