Manhole : Iga City

Iga City

I think this manhole cover is very obvious what it represents 🙂


Koga and Iga Ninja Village

There are two neighboring Ninja Village , Koga in Kyoto and Iga in Mie.

Koga or Koka  is less touristy and more for kids than adults.

Iga has more activities for tourist and for adults as well. Ninja costume are more elaborate than of Koga but both places are fun to visit and just an hour by train from each other.

Koga Activities

Kouga Ninja Village Kids can try to imitate walking on water. Kouga Ninja Village
Shuriken Throwing.

Kouga Ninja Village Rent a Ninja Costume. Kouga Ninja Village
Check the museum.

Iga Activities

Iga Ninja Village Exploring the Castle. Iga Ninja Village
Haiseiden (Matsuo Basho Memorial)

Iga is also easier to access from the train station than Koga.

If you decide to go to Koga, you can give them a call for free pick up from the train Station.

Have Fun !


Iga-Ueno : The Ninja Village

On our way back to Tokyo last Winter Vacation ( January 2011 ), we decided to pass by The Ninja Village located in Iga-Ueno Mie Prefecture.

The Pink Ninja Train

The welcoming committee : The Blue Ninja

Just a few minutes walk from the station, you can find the Ninja Museum and can also watch some Ninja Shows.


While preparation were made for the actual show, this Ninja did some really cool umbrella tricks. 🙂

Rolling a coin in the umbrella

The Start

Sword Fight

Shuriken Thow

Arigatou ...


The Finale

Both T and C were back to being little boys again, eyes sparkling each fight scene 🙂