Manhole : Himeji City

Himeji City is famously known for it’s magnificent castle.

It is a city located in Hyogo Prefecture and can easily be accessed by either JR or Hanshin Train line from Osaka.

Himeji ( Colored Version )

At first I thought the design was a bird but it is actually the city’s flower called Sagiso (Radiata Flower).

Himeji ( Colored Version )

This other one is the flower and the bird (White Egret).

According to this page, there is another design which has the castle on it. I guess I have to go and look for it one more time.

If you are ever in Himeji area, try to look this manhole cover.



The cutest monster in the world

Stitch. Yup just like any other girl, I love stitch but I don’t collect stuff toys cause they are dust collectors :). I receive a stitch stuff toy as a birthday present last year from 2 girls I used to work with in Tokyo and from my cousin too but I don’t really buy them.

When it comes to key chain or cellphone accessories , I think Japan have a wide and cutest variety in the world 🙂 but it was just 2 years ago that I found out they also have stitch key/cellphone accessories in every prefecture.  It’s small and can easily be put away, so I don’t have to worry about dust.

Here are some of what I have collected so far.

Stictch and the Tokyo Tower

Stitch and Osaka’s Takoyaki ( Octopus )

Stitch and Hyogo’s Akashi Bridge

Stitch and the legendary dragon of Enoshima (Kanagawa)

Stitch and Mt. Fuji

Stitch and Himeji Castle

Stitch and Natto in Ibaraki

Stitch in Kamakura.. doing a festival dance?

Stitch in Kobe’s China Town

Stitch as Sakamoto Ryoma in Kouchi

Although I have never been to Kouchi yet, but I can’t refuse a gift can’t I? 🙂

Maiko Stitch in Kyoto

Stitch and Nagoya’s golden fish

Stitch in eating odango in Okayama

Stitch in Wakayama

Stitch harversting Yamanashi’s cherries

There are some places that I have been to but don’t have a stitch key chain yet, like Hiroshima, Hirakata, Beppu, Ehime , Nagano, Iwakuni and so on…


Osaka Castle ( courtesy of Elmer and RJ )
Himeji Castle Hyogo Prefecture ( courtesy of Elmer and RJ )
Matsuyama Castle Ehime Prefecture
Iwakuni Castle Yamaguchi Prefecture