Kyoto’s Path of Philosophy

The Philosopher’s Walk (哲学の道 Tetsugaku-no-michi?, lit. Path of Philosophy) is a pedestrian path that follows a cherry-tree-lined canal in Kyoto, between Ginkaku-ji and Nanzen-ji. The route is so-named because the influential 20th-century Japanese philosopher and Kyoto University professor Nishida Kitaro is thought to have used it for daily meditation. It passes a number of temples and shrines such as Hōnen-inŌtoyo Shrine, and Eikan-dō Zenrin-ji. It takes about 30 minutes to complete the walk, although many people spend more time visiting the sights along the way. On the northern part of the walk, there are good views of the nearbyDaimonji. The walk is a popular destination for tourists and locals, especially during hanami.

My very first visit to this place was during Sakura(Cherry Blossoms) time many many moons ago. After that time, I have not visited this place again or have seen it in a different season. When a dear friend M, invited me to join their very long walk around Kyoto (about 18KM) , I jumped at the opportunity.

When the Sakura’s are in full bloom this place looks so magical ( old pictures) but it gets really crowded especially during the weekend . On a different season or after the Sakura are all gone, this place looks so green and so refreshing.  Join me as we talk a short walk along the Philosopher’s Path.


The board that says it all. Welcome to The Philospher’s path.


Walking under the Cherry Trees.

An inscription on a Stone. Sorry i could not really get what it tries to say.


Cherryss !!!!!


Cats on Vacation. The signs say “Today it’s our rest day.” 🙂 But these cats are not scared or skittish around humans. It seems that you can freely feed the cats around this area so when they see somebody they always taught, FOOD!!. They are really well fed cats.


Mr. Ducky taking a rest under the shade of a Sakura Tree.

There are several shops, small cafe and restaurants along the way so you can take a really relaxing walk.

It seems that the Philosopher’s Path is also famous for Hotaru(Firefly) viewing during the summer.

Have you visited the Philosopher’s Path yet?

7 thoughts on “Kyoto’s Path of Philosophy

  1. Does it go past Fushimi Inari Shrine? If so, I’ve walked a tiny bit of it! 😀 It looks as though the sign was placed there by the cats. 🙂
    Thank you for the beautiful photos!

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