Osaka Book Group

After all these years of living in Osaka, I finally found them.

The first time I joined the group, they were going to discuss the book “The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry“, I left early to be there a few minutes before everybody starts showing up but unfortunately I was at the wrong place.

I tried to contact the organizer through their Facebook page but it seems he does not have a smartphone. Fortunately, somebody finally answered and to make the story short, I got there 30 minutes later.

I felt so embarrassed being late but the host was very gracious and even apologize which of course was not necessary since it was not his fault.

A little introduction, I only remember few of the names, then we continued with our lunch. It was my lucky day, since the original founder of the group , a nice lady from Scotland, was visiting Japan  and I had the chance to meet with her.

Everybody was very nice and accommodating, welcoming me warmly into the group. So after a little while I was busily chatting with them already, and it felt like I’ve known them for so long.

We had a very nice discussion of the book , exploring the different angles and discussing each of our impression. Everybody was given a chance to talk. Nobody was dominating the whole conversation which was really nice.

Being the newest member, they asked me what books I liked and the first thing that came out of my mouth was Sci-Fi and Fantasy books. Suffice it to say, we started talking about Game of Thrones and was decided that we will do this book for the next meeting.

The reading time was set for 2 months. A long time in my opinion but we all have different work schedules and several have travel plans so I guess it was the shortest possible time we could meet again.

Earlier this month we finally met again and I invited some members from my meetup group and we had a blast. We had a very lively conversation, debating and discussing the different characters and plots of the story. Some of the new members are big fan of the book so we had lots of reviews and opinions to share.

Our discussion even continued in the Facebook page and was still very interesting.

The next book group will be this coming July 6th, and we are going to discuss Amy Tan’s “The Joy Luck Club” . You can see the details in the Unusual Work Schedule Meetup Group or you can find the group’s Facebook “Osaka Book Group”.



Any thoughts?

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