Weekly Photo Challenge : Corner

I did not have the chance to visit the Snoopy Museum in California but when it opened in Tokyo Japan, I decided to visit it no matter what. During a business trip to Tokyo, I had half a day of free time before going back to Osaka so my chance has finally come. Unfortunately, since…

Travel Theme : Simplicity

I accidentally found Yakushiike Park during one of my walk around Machida City. My attempt to capture the water droplets on a water lily leaf. I love the simplicity of the garden, the greenery, brings peace and calm.   water mill/wheel For more entries for this week theme, visit Ailsa Travel Theme.

Travel Theme : Costume(2)

One good thing about summer here in Japan is the festivals. A few years ago, M and I went to Machida to try the infamous meat bun there and we discover that there was also an Okinawan festival going on. After our little treat we head out to location where the drum competition was being held….

Weekly Photo Challenge : The Sign Says

I do like taking picture of interesting signs, so I do have a bit of collection with it. Here are the most recent one I have taken so far. It says “Sanrio Store”, in Kurashiki Okayama Japan. Hello Kitty is everywhere , so it was not surprising to found one in a small town of…

Travel Theme : Pathway

For this week’s theme, Pathway, I am going to be posting a little bit more than usual :D. This one is in Arashiyama Kyoto taken at the Summer of 2008. This one in winter of 2010 in Kawazu, Izu Peninsula. Summer 2008 at Mt. Koya My solo river walk from Oji Station to Itabashi in…