A View From The Top

Some of the views you can see while climbing Mt. Takao.



Yakuo Temple in Mt. Takao

Before reaching the summit of Mt. Takao, you will be able to pass the Yakuo Temple.

The Entrance

The washing area

The Little Statue on the side of the stairs

Going up to the main Temple

The Front

A closer look

Autumn in Takao

It was already December when we climb Mt. Takao so we never thought that we are still going to see some autumn leaves, but there were still lots 🙂

I want to live

A long long time ago, I was basking in the sun , digging my root into the sweet earth then one day I heard the humans that  they were going to cut me down because my roots were blocking their way but I still want to live. I want to see the world and reach for the sky and have the birds perched on me. Listen to them sing. See winter. See summer. See how the season change. You might think that this is selfish of me, but the forest is my home and I want to live my life so I decide to give the humans what they want and move my roots out of the road. Now they consider me something lucky and I think I am 🙂

The Quest for Diamond Fuji

Every year there is a time when the Sun seems to set at the center of the crater of Mt. Fuji.  During that time, Mt. Fuji looks like a diamond. Last December , together with Clint, Sarah and Masae we set out to Mt. Takao to witness this very special event. It was sunny and clear when we started from the Takosanguchi Station so we were very hopeful but unfortunately, on the side of Mt. Fuji, it was still cloudy.

Sunset Starting Already, clouds covering Mt. Fuji