Travel Theme : Pathway

For this week’s theme, Pathway, I am going to be posting a little bit more than usual :D.

This one is in Arashiyama Kyoto taken at the Summer of 2008.


This one in winter of 2010 in Kawazu, Izu Peninsula.


Summer 2008 at Mt. Koya


My solo river walk from Oji Station to Itabashi in Tokyo area, 2010.


Spring 2008, Osaka.


Spring 2008, Osaka around Sakuranomiya


Spring 2010,  Niiza Saitama.


Usuki Oita , 2008.

pathway_kawazuKawazu , Izu Peninsula Winter 2010.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward

This is one of my most unforgettable experience ever… Paragliding. To be able to para glide successfully you have to more forward while pulling the glider. It was an exhilarating experience.




This is a friend practicing before the actual thing and the teacher patiently teaching and watching us practice.

Waterwalk: Nobidome

This is  a long overdue post, this was last April 2010


Together with other river folks, it was a nice day for walking.

” 野火止用水” – Literally means, ” Water for Stopping Wild Fire.” It is a long irrigation canal that have supported the simple life of Niza.

The place cannot be found on Tourist books, so I was really glad to join the walk.

We started out in JR Niza Station, and ended in Shiseki Koen, where a Spring festival was held.

I forgot my spare battery ( stupid) , was not able to take any picture at the festival. It was a very nice festival, with dancing, singing, and lots of cool stuff.

Then we took the bus to Higashi Kurume Sta. bound for Ikebukuro and Shibuya 😀

JR Niza Station

Some Cherry Tree Along the Canal

Wild Birds Forest

The Promise of Spring

a wild flower or not


the temple and the sakura

a closer look

stable or a house ??

Astroboy Balloon