Weekly Photo Challenge : Corner

I did not have the chance to visit the Snoopy Museum in California but when it opened in Tokyo Japan, I decided to visit it no matter what.

During a business trip to Tokyo, I had half a day of free time before going back to Osaka so my chance has finally come. Unfortunately, since my schedule was not fixed, I did not buy a ticket in advance so if I’m lucky I could a get a slot in one of the available time. Luckily 12:00 – 13:30 time slot still have vacant slot. Ticket is 2000 yen for on-site.

There are areas which you are allowed to take pictures but the main gallery is prohibited.

From one of the corner in the room you cannot make out what these little comic strip is about. It looks like just another random peanuts comic strip.

Snoopy Museum

But if you look closely, it’s actually Charlie Brown and Snoopy .Snoopy Museum

Outside the museum, you can see the Snoopy’s transition all throughout the years

Snoopy Museum


From another corner , you can have a better view of Snoopy and his grin :pSnoopy Museum

If you are a snoopy fan and is currently in Tokyo, you might want to check the museum. Make sure to bring extra cash for those cute little Peanut trinkets.



WPC : Contrast

Organizing some pictures , and I found out that I accidentally took the same picture of the same location in Kyoto. Check out the contrast of the garden in each season.

Late spring, early summer 🙂

UntitledAutumn, 2013.

WPC: Contrast

Long time no hear fellow WPC’ers :). I hope you enjoy or like my choice for this week ‘s theme.

This was taken in one of the many shops in Sanjo , Kyoto Japan.

I was taking a picture of the “TinTin Shop” when an old man walked right through it. I was annoyed but looking at the result, I found it to have a nice contrast between young and old. Although Tintin is not a real person here, he represent the young part.

I actually took another one with the old man, as he walked past the shop.


WPC: Abandoned

I noticed these stones whenever I visit Osaka Castle but I never knew there significance till recently.

The stones are called “残念石”.

残念 (Zannen) means differently in how you use it , but in general it means, “regret” or “disappointment”.

石 (Ishi) : means stone.

Each of these stones where taken from a quarry site all the way to the castle site but sometimes during the transportation accidents happens, like dropping of the stone to the ground, a crack which is no longer considered perfect or acceptable for the construction Castle so they are abandoned somewhere in the ground and are called since then as “Zannen Ishi”.   Each piece of stone must be perfect anything less is not acceptable.

It’s an interesting story or piece of history about the stone. When I googled it , it looks like these stones are not only found in Osaka Castle but several places as well. [Here(Japanese Only)].

The “Zannen Ishi” in Osaka Castle Ground.

Spring is almost upon us

and also all the pollen that comes with it. I’m crossing my finger that my preparation, by drinking local pollen to boast my immune system would be a help to me this year.

Anyways, I recently found out that Osaka Castle have a Plum Blossom (Ume) garden. It looks like it has about 1200 plum trees planted in the area. So last weekend together with some folks at meetup we checkout how much of the plum have bloomed.

Pink Plum blossom
Three Beautiful Dainty Pink Plum Flowers were blooming on this branch.

Plum Blossoms
Another 3 on this branch.

There were still several trees that have not started yet, specially the whipping-type. Hopefully the weather will be nice this coming weekend so I can go and check out the garden again.

How are flowers in your side of the world? Has spring already arrived?