Summer 2014 : To Matsumoto We go !!!

It was Miss I who actually gave us the idea to visit Matsumoto as she had live there for several years. Since Y and I did not really have a definite plan for the summer , why not right ? 😀

So after our lunch at Nagoya Station, we boarded the train bound for Natsukagawa and from there change to another train for Matsumoto. It was about 3 hours train ride all the way to our final destination.

We both wanted to read and relax in the train but I think the excitement of seeing a new place is getting me all hyped, I can’t concentrate on reading. So taking pictures instead.

A town we passed.

Nakatsugawa Station. Took a short stroll outside to find some manhole 🙂

Mountain and rice field.

More mountains.

By late afternoon, we finally arrived in Matsumoto City. First thing first, we need to find our guesthouse, find an onsen and food. In that particular order.

Naruto characters ?

We are in Matsumoto !!

After we got settled in the guesthouse, we were able to borrow bicycle and it’s onsen time. Base on the guesthouse staff recommendation, we went to Menoyu(目之湯) in Asama Onsen. It was very hot and humid during our stroll in Nagoya, that the thought of soaking our very tired body is amazing. The temperature has cooled down significantly in Matsumoto and we had the rotenburo all to ourselves.


After onsen, now its time to feed our tummy. Of course, when you are in Matsumoto, you have to try Soba or buckwheat noodles. The owner of the onsen, a nice old man, pointed us to a nearby place which is also a favorite among the locals there.

It was a soba feast. A few minutes later Y and I finished all our food.

Soba Tempura.

Soba ( I forgot the name )

The Soba Place.

Onsen, Dinner and adventure. It was a great day indeed. When we finally made back to to our guesthouse, both of us are ready for bed. As soon as my head hit the pillow I was out and the next thing I know , the sun was shining. A new day has started and of course a new adventure. 🙂

Wine Onsen in Yamanashi

When L was still living in Yamanashi Prefecture, and I was living in Tokyo, I used to visit her whenever I can. On one my visit, L found and interesting onsen near her place : a Wine Onsen. The two of us being onsen addict decided to check it out. The onsen is actually one of the feature of Hotel Hatta.

The onsen contains Red wine extract giving the onsen its red color. There is no alcohol content though so it is safe for kids to get in also. Walk-in guest are allowed to use the onsen from 10:30 -17:00 only and it cost 1480 yen with face towel. Soap, shampoo, and other amenities like toothbrush and  comb were also available.

The hotel have several other onsen too but L and I did not know about this till we were leaving. The wine onsen was located on the top floor of the hotel and it was glass around so on a clear day you might be able to see the tip of Mt. Fuji.

Nearest station is IsawaOnsen(石和温泉) station.


The Mud Onsen in Beppu

During my trip to Beppu last 2008 with N, we accidentally found this Mud(Doro) Onsen as we were walking down the street.  Actually N and I were a little lost and the bus were not arriving so we just started walking. This is the reason why I don’t make itineraries when I travel, getting lost is part of the fun 🙂

Anyway I digress. Pictures were not allowed inside and N and I were excited to check the Onsen that we totally forgot to get a picture of anything.  I finally found their website and name ( after all this years).

Onsen Name : 明礬温泉保養ランド : Myouban Onsen Hoyo Land. 

I also found some picture on OnsenJapan website.

Price: 1050 yen for adults and 750 for kids.

It is still one of the most unforgettable onsen experience I have so far. I highly recommend it if you are in the area. 



Manhole : Kinosaki



These are some of the manholes I found in Kinosaki Onsen last weekend. When I took the picture I got some weird glances from locals and guest there but who cares. I like the one on the top, it shows a common scene in Kinosaki specially during cold days, when guest put on their kimono and go onsen-hopping , I do wish I can do that one day 🙂

Dogo Onsen


( Front view@Night)

The oldest hot spring (onsen) in Japan. The main building is a three-story wooden structure and is designated as a national cultural asset. Both Shiki and Soseki use to bathe her in 1895.


( side view@Night)


(back view)