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The 48 Waterfalls of Akame

Akame 48 waterfalls is located in Nabari City Mie Prefecture and considered to be the birthplace of Ninja and home to giant Salamander.

After several failed attempts since last year, together with C, I finally made it there at the end of summer.

It’s about an hour train ride from Osaka by Kintetsu Line and another 10-15 minuted ride from the train station to the base of the waterfall.

C found a cheaper ticket by Kintetsu , which includes an round trip ticket from either Namba, Uehonmachi or Tsuruhashi station to Akameguchi Station. A round trip bus ticket to from Akameguchi Station to Akametaki. An entrance ticket to the waterfalls area and the Salamander Museum.  You can also get some discounts from the omiyage shops around the area.

To know more information about the place check out the website.

My Photo Collection is here.

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Iga-Ueno : The Ninja Village

On our way back to Tokyo last Winter Vacation ( January 2011 ), we decided to pass by The Ninja Village located in Iga-Ueno Mie Prefecture.

The Pink Ninja Train

The welcoming committee : The Blue Ninja

Just a few minutes walk from the station, you can find the Ninja Museum and can also watch some Ninja Shows.


While preparation were made for the actual show, this Ninja did some really cool umbrella tricks. 🙂

Rolling a coin in the umbrella

The Start

Sword Fight

Shuriken Thow

Arigatou ...


The Finale

Both T and C were back to being little boys again, eyes sparkling each fight scene 🙂

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