Rockin’ in Daito

Daito is one of the cities in Osaka Prefecture.

It’s not known. It’s not a tourist destination.

Whenever I’m asked where I live, I always say Daito and wait for the reaction specially if the one asking is a Japanese person. Majority would give me a blank face, so it really makes me happy when the recognizes it.

So imagine my surprise a few months ago, when I saw a flyer saying that there is going to be a Rock Festival last June 8.

There was a rock band competition among the local high school band, which unfortunately I failed to watched. The festival was held in local theater, so it was nice, did not have to be sweating in the summer heat while listening to the band. There were two categories, the local professional bands and the newly formed band.

T and I were in and out of these two locations and just hanging around listening to some interesting bands.

We also met the city’s mascot:
Daito Rock Festival 2014

Heard a few message from the City’s Mayor:

Daito Rock Festival 2014

But the most interesting and most awaited performance of all where from the KISS (dolls), a Japanese Version of the famous KISS band.

Pictures are a bit blurry because of the lights, but the group had it down to the last bit of the costume. They gave a really good and fun performance.

Daito Rock Festival 2014


It was a really fun event, young and old alike were rockin the day away. A great achievement for the organizers and of course Daito City.

I have uploaded more picture ( a bit blurry) and some videos in my Flicker Album, please check it out if you have the tme.


Travel Theme: International Women’s day

For this week’s theme, I am not posting a picture but instead I would like to dictated a song to all the women out there specially to my mother.

This song is called “Sekai de Hitotsu dake no Hana” roughly translated to “World’s One and Only Flower”. This is sang by a famous Japanese pop group called Smap. You can find the lyrics with an english translation here.

My favorite part of the song is in the beginning and the chorus.

もともと特別なOnly one」

English : You don’t need to be No.1 because you are already a very special, Only ONE.


そうさ 僕らは


Each one of us is a unique flower and each one of us carry a different seed.  We only need to work our best to make that seeds bloom.

To all the women out there, you are unique and beautiful in your own special way. 🙂

If Only ..


I was planning to write something witty or funny or at least I would try but I changed my mind after watching this video of Emmanuel.

These past few days, I have been worrying about lots of stupid things, okay maybe one of it is not stupid so I have been trying to find some sort of motivation to inspire me which as I think now is pathetic. I have what some people in other parts of the world don’t, Peace. A peaceful existence, freedom and comfort.

Somehow we forget that someone, somewhere out there , a little kid just wants a clean glass of water. Or maybe a mother just wants her children to have some nice new shoes for school or even a school to go to. That a father is trying to protect his family , a sister protecting her little sister from being sold to prostitution, a friend , a brother. Somebody doing something for his/her love one.

We wobble in our self-pity forgetting that the world does not revolve around us.

So here I am trying to write something worthy of reading , in my little room, with my mug of coffee in this cold Saturday morning enjoying a moment of peace and thankful that I have it.

Oktoberfest , dancing, drinking and a party pooper?






Although I don’t drink beer, T likes it and last September we went again to another German Beer Festival held at Umeda Sky building grounds. This time we got a good seat near the stage unlike last year where we sat all the way to the back so we were not able to watch the show. This year we did and it was fun.

We arrived there around 4 or 5 in the afternoon already and the place was packed with people already, both young and old. Families, single, group of friends , foreigners and Japanese, everybody was there.

The band started playing around 6pm and everybody was just dancing and singing.  Even T was pulled to join but not me :). T called me a partypooper for doing that but I don’t care, it’s more fun watching them dance and sing. Even the kids joined in too together with their parents and they were also having a blast.

The band played again around 8 in the evening and this time there was more dancing and T got pulled again :).

It was fun watching everybody enjoying the good German food and beer and of course singing to German songs sanged by a Japanese German band :).

It was a fun day 🙂

Someday my prince will come…

who does not know that line. I think every girl who watch snow-white wishes even once in her life for that line to come true. BUT I have to admit, I never knew who was the lovely voice behind it .. till today. Meet Adriana Caselotti.



Although Disney suppressed her blooming career , she still kept on singing the songs.