Travel Theme: Ripples

This week is all about Ripples.


Ducks in Hattori Park

A glass museum in Ehime Matsuyama Prefecture.

The lights gave a very nice ripple effect to the water.


Dragon Design, Water fountain in a temple in Ehime




Osaka Castle ( courtesy of Elmer and RJ )
Himeji Castle Hyogo Prefecture ( courtesy of Elmer and RJ )
Matsuyama Castle Ehime Prefecture
Iwakuni Castle Yamaguchi Prefecture

Photo Scavenger Hunt: Important

this week theme is important
if you go to any temple in Japan, you will never fail to notice washing area as this one. this is an Important area /practice before entering the temple. how to wash hands, get the ladle with right hand, get some water and then wash your left hand first, transfer the ladle to the left hand and wash the right hand, transfer the ladle back to the right hand and wash the handle of the ladle. this is an Important point before entering the temple. you might also notice, that some people would also gargle their mouth..
if you ever visit any temple be sure to look for the washing area first before going inside the temple/shrine..
have a nice weekend everyone..
the pic above are from a temple in nara and matsuyama..


I love sunsets in any form.. these are some of what i’ve taken so far


sunset @ osaka taken from the apartment


sunset @ matsuyama port Ehime Prefecture


sunset @ nara

Botchan Steam Train


Botchan Ressha

( Botchan Steam Train)

In the novel “Botchan” by Soseki Natsume, the main character Botchan, describes a steam train running through Matsuyama “like a box of matches”.

There are two Botchan Steam Train (no. 1 & 4 ) operating now.