Manhole Cover : Wakayama

I found this cover on the way to Wakayama Castle from JR Wakayama Station but unfortunately, I cannot find the meaning of this design.

(any help is welcome πŸ˜€ )

Wakayama City//
Colored Version

Wakayama City//


Manhole Cover: Fukui City

It was unfortunate that I could not find the manhole cover for Tsuruga City, Fukui Prefecture but we did get to have a short stop at JR Fukui Station and just outside the station, I found the city’s manhole cover.

Fukui City is the capital of the Fukui Prefecture.

The bird symbol of the city is Phoenix (不死ι³₯οΌˆγƒ•γ‚§γƒ‹γƒƒγ‚―γ‚Ή) ).

Fukui City, Fukui Prefecture

Manhole Cover : Naoshima

The trip to Naoshima will not be complete without looking for it’s Manhole Cover.

It’s a simple design. It depects the town’s flower, Azalea (぀γ₯じ)


Manhole Cover : Minoo City

Minoo is a city in Osaka Prefecture which is accessible by Hankyu Line.

It is also one of my favorite place to visit during autumn season and the city’s manhole cover depicts that as well.

Minoo City, Osaka Prefecture It shows, maple leaves and the very famous Minoo waterfall. Minoo
The second one I found has the same scene but with the city’s mascot Yuzuru.

I was lucky enough to find two colored version close to the station.

If you are ever in Osaka area and is looking for an easy nature walk , try visit Minoo and I’m sure you will not regret it.


Manhole : Odawara City

Personally I have only passed Odawara on my way to Izu or some other places but never really ventured out.


The backdrop is Odawara Castle and the scene is called Odawara-juku in the late 1830’s.

This picture is courtesy of a dear friend J who went out on his way after work in Odawara to take this picture for me.