Stress, Achiles Pain , etc

This past few weeks has been hectic both work and personal and has take toll on my health. 

So I was pretty excited for the long Summer vacation to take some time off away from work but a few days before the vacation starts my left achiles started aching again.

It was nothing new to me but this time , the pain is intense and it went all the way to my calf. I tried to take the pressure out of my left leg but my right is starting to ache. 

I stopped doing exercise that put pressure on my heels but during my trip to Toyama , I did a lot of walking during the trip and it was painful in most time. 

So instead of spending the next 3 days doing more adventures around Kansai I’m staying in the house not putting more pressure on my heels. 

It’s good time to rest and cleaning the apartment. 😁😁😁


The Rakugo(落語) Experience

Rakugo(落語) , literally mean fallen words. It’s a Japanese style of storytelling.

When a dear friend invited me to her friend’s Rakugo , I was very happy. The price was also discounted, later found out that the seats assigned to us where the one which are normally does not sell, the farthest corner of the hall.

The artist was Katsura, Shunchou and it was his 20th Anniversary as a story teller. I thought that maybe it will last for only an hour or so, but it lasted more than 4 hours and during that period, I laughed , cried and was moved by the emotion he put into the story telling.

The second part of storytelling was about a letter or lyrics that a father once wrote and was found by his son after his death. Instead of just reading it, Katsura-san decided to sing it for us.

The title : 手紙~親愛なる子供たちへ(A Letter – A Parents Love for a Child).

There are lots of emotional part of the lyrics but my dear friend who is a parent could not hold it any longer and was sniffing and sobbing beside me.

During the part where it says: ” When I could no longer stand up or tie my shoes.. please Lend me your hand.” The tears just decided to come out and would not stop.

By the end of the song, my friend and I were a mess.

The third story was about Ertuğrul Fırkateyni, a Turkish ship which was caught by a storm at the coast of Wakayama Prefecture around 1890 . The boat sank but 69 survivors where rescued and nurse back to health by the resident of the island. The 69 sailors were safely returned to Turkey and vowed that this kindness will never be forgotten.

This promised was fulfilled during the Iran Crisis in 1985, when 200 Japanese were rescued by Turkey and was safely brought back home.

I don’t know why, but this story made me cry. I guess I was so moved by a 100 year-old promise that was kept.

To be moved liked this, Katsura-san is a really good story teller. I guess you will not stay in this business for 20 years if you don’t have talent.

It was definitely a nice afternoon spent with friends and tears :).

Have you ever been to a Rakugo? How was it?

2015 New Year’s Resolution

I’ve stopped making resolutions since I could never do it. Along the way, I usually change my mind and do something completely different, but this year I hope to do this :


1. LEARN HOW TO SWIM !!! .. Yup I’m an island girl that does not know how to swim and I always felt jealous whenever I see people wading and swimming and having so much fun in the water. This year, I WILL DO IT!! I WILL LEARN HOW TO SWIM !!!..

2. LEARN TO LOVE JOGGING. I need to exercise but I’m very lazy and jogging/running is not really my thing but I really need to exercise and loose some extra weight :p.

3. LIMIT FACEBOOK ACCESS. This might be difficult since I’m so addicted but I have to use my time in a more productive way.

4. READ MORE BOOKS. I’m back on track since late last year after joining the book club but there are so many books out there to read and so many great authors to meet. So more book reading.

Crossing my fingers that I will be able to do all these specially #1.

Any New Year’s Resolution 2015 ? What are yours?


Apologies for the Hiatus


Work, book and my-so-called life has been very busy lately which is good.

Unfortunately, I find myself unable to concentrate on my blog. 

When everything is calm and settled again, I will be back.

Until then, stay happy and healthy everyone.


Something Random

Arrgghhh.. Another white hair popping up my head.


I found mine, a few years ago, I was combing then I saw something glitter. I panicked and pulled it out immediately. 2 years later I found another one on the same spot. It’s always on the same spot and it usually comes out a year or two after I pull it out. I know , I know it’s natural and I’ve been trying to prepare myself when it comes out  but it was a big thing when I first saw mine.

How did you feel when you found your first white hair?