Hotel Review : Ocean Paradise

Ocean Paradise is one of Sunny Paradise Hotel and is one the within our budget. 

Room is spacious and clean with ensuite bathroom and a huge tub. Buffet breakfast is also included. 

There was an extra payment if we want to use the pool I think but we can freely go around the other places. 

Very well maintained. Staff were polite enough. 

It’s a little bit out of the way from the central area so it’s quieter. 

Our room is not in the beach front, but it’s only a minute or two away. 

A great place to relax and unwind. 


Hotel Review : Aung Si Guesthouse 

We were originally booked at hotel called Ocean Pearl Inn but since our flight from Malaysia to Yangon was delayed for two hours we got to the hotel late. 

When we arrived there they have given our rooms to walked in guest and decided to put us in one of their guesthouse : Aung Si .

They told us it would still be a double room with ensuite bathroom like what we booked , did not sound so bad so we agreed.

The only problem is it is located right beside a wet market. When we opened the room, we were greeted with mosquitoes. We basically spent the whole night killing all of them. We tried to opened the windows to let some fresh air in which is a mistake. As soon as we opened them, the stench from the market , a mixture of rotten veggies , fish and other things as well was unbearable. 

We closed it, continue killing mosquitoes and as soon as we drifted off to sleep, the market starts thier day which is about 4 am in the morning. We basically did not get any sleep at all. Jetlag and no sleep. The only thing that kept us moving that day were coffee and tea and the excitement of seeing a new place.

Oh i forgot to mention, they turn off the water late at night so if you need to do your thing, make sure to do it earlier in the day. 

Our only consulation is that the staff were pretty amazing. Very helpful , friendly and polite. 

Hotel Review : Bagan Empress

We originally booked our hotel near Old Bagan so that we can see the site early in the morning unfortunately the hotel seems to have lost our reservation.

Their lost our gain since we found an amazing hotel : Bagan Empress.

We paid $120 for 2 nights which includes breakfast. Ensuite bathroom and very spacious and clean room. Breakfast is in the rooftop which is really great. 

The owner is really helpful. Booking and calling our ride and even helped booked our hotel in our next destination. Very accomodating and polite and friendly. Gave us lots of tips where to eat and where to go. 

I highly recommend this place if your ever looking for a place in Bagan. 

Hotel Review : In The Shade

This was not our first choice but the owner of the resort we booked decided that we are not worthy to stay at his/her place so he/she gave our reservation to a visiting relative the day before our arrival. I got a call from our contact the morning on our to Siquijor already. It was a good thing that we arrived earlier than our original plan of arrival which was midnight, and have some time to look for other places to stay.

In the Shade became our home away from home.

It was a bit pricey and went a little over our budget, but since we have our own kitchen we were able to cook our own food instead of going out to eat all the time and we have the whole place to ourselves so it was worth it.

“In the Shade” is two-story studio style apartment just along the beach front of San Juan. It’s furnished with a very stylish kitchen and free drinking water as well.  It’s non-air conditioned but three big ceilings fan are strategically place inside the room. It’s surrounded by windows so you get fresh sea breeze all through out the day.

The caretaker basically left us alone but is always there when we need something.

Each apartment has it’s own spacious balcony facing the beach, a really nice place to relax when it’s too hot to go into the water.

You also have your own big front yard , spacious enough to have an outdoor bbq with family or friends under the shade of coconut trees.

In the Shade is definitely a great place to stay when you visit Siquijor. Just make sure you shop for food supplies before getting there.


Hotel Review : Kokuminshukusha Hotel Shirahama (国民宿舎ホテル白浜)

One of the main reason we keep canceling our Shirahama trip (Wakayama) is because of accommodation.

Since it was 3-day weekend , everybody was going ( it seems ) to Shirahama . Shirahama is also famous for its Onsen so may it summer or winter this place is always packed on long weekends.

T and I got lucky and was able to book at this hotel.

The building is old and our room was also old. Not that well-maintained. We do have our own toilet and there is a common bath with Onsen in the basement of the hotel.

Our futon has is also old and even the sheets have holes in them, clean but old.

It’s not noise proof so we can hear anybody flushing in their toilet in the middle of the night.

There is though a free massage chair in the common area and breakfast was good.

The staff ? Most of them are old folks so we barely see them other than breakfast. The main person in the reception desk , we saw him on the day we arrived only.

It’s one of the cheapest place we found and convenient. It’s only about 5 minutes walk to the beach and a minute walk to the restaurant and bus stop, bank and convenience store.

All in all it was good stay, but if I go back there on a budget trip I will probably stay here again. 🙂