Hotel Review : Candela Guesthouse

Miss I found this place for us and since it was the cheapest we could find, why not.

It took us about 30 minutes from Matsumoto Station , thank goodness for GPS. My first impression ? What the heck is this place. I did not understand why the place looks really run-down till I saw their renovation album.

It seems that it was originally a warehouse( I think Miso warehouse) and some group of friends decided to renovate it from scratch on their own and turn it into the guest house as it is today. The place might not be a luxury hotel or guesthouse that you expect but it has the warmth of a home.

I love their mini library on the side.

Little lamps hanging all over the guesthouse.

Our bunk bed. I bumped my head and my toe whenever I go to the toilet at night.

The hall way.

The staff were very helpful and accommodating to our every guest. There is also a small kitchen where you can make your own meal. A small common bathroom and two common toilet for all guest.

There is also a common round table in the middle of the living room where everybody can hang out while having some drink or their meal.

Candela House might not have the best facilities but it surely feels like home.


Hotel Review : Khaosan Beppu

Khaosan Beppu is more of a guesthouse than your average hotel.

N and I stayed there during our trip to Beppu around 2008.  The place is about 8-10 minutes walk from JR Beppu Station, very convenient. It has it’s own Onsen(Spa) which is free, kitchen and free use of the internet. During our stay there were no Wi-Fi yet.

I think N and I booked Basic Twin Private room for the night. The room has a double deck bed, and futon set but N and I decided to sleep in the floor instead since nobody wants to be on the top bed :p, it has tatami floor so no problem.

Convenient, affordable and clean.