Philippines 2017: Swimming with the Turtles

Heard many things about Apo Island from friends and though I cannot swim, I was still intrigue and want to see the underwater beauty and see beautiful corals and swim with the turtles.

The island is best known as one of most beautiful diving spot in the country.  It is located just a few hours by boat from the main island of Dumaguete. There are several options to from Dumaguete to the island but after computing the cost of day trip to the island several times, we decided to opt and join a tour by Acqua  Dive.

There were 2 other customer who joined us so we had the boat all to ourselves. All snorkeling equipment are included. They also move around several times so we can get some good snorkeling area since the best location was currently close. The corals were damaged during the big typhoon that happened a year before, so they close off that part of the corals to give it time to heal.

Untitled Approaching the Island. Untitled
Can you see the Turtle’s head?

Untitled More tourist, snorkeling. Untitled
Beautiful Island.

It was a beautiful day, relaxing and lazying in the boat.

If you are around the area, try to visit the island and enjoy what nature has to offer.