Cafe Pascucci



A new coffee shop opened last year and although I’m not a cafe fan ( yes I still prefer to eat or drink at comfort of my home) , the place really looks inviting.

I finally gave in and went there last February a enjoyed a cup of cappuccino.

The place is very spacious, prices are affordable, free WIFI and most of all NO SMOKING.

Caffe Pascucci is definitely a good place for friends to get together while enjoying a cup of coffee or just be alone reading a good book.


How coffee should be!!

From Cafe Gurano in Nakameguro Tokyo.  The store basically sells coffee beans but they also a little coffee shop inside where you can try real brew coffee. Coffee beans are roasted as you buy them. It was last spring when M and I discovered the place so we tried the stores seasonal beans: Sakura Blend.

The store uses Coffee Siphon for brewing the coffee.  Boiling some water for our Sakura blend coffee.

water is getting hot, ready the ground coffee beans.

hot water rose up , mixing with the ground coffee beans. It smelled really nice.

yummy freshly brewed coffee, slowly dripping back to the bottom part of the siphon as it gradually cools down.

It’s almost finished !!!

Freshly Brewed Sakura Blend (500 yen )


Just browsing some old photos and I came across these coffee we had on my trip to Usuki Oita.