Hotel Review: Santiago Bay Garden and Resort

During our family trip to Camotes Island last 2012, my sister recommended Santiago Bay Garden and Resort. This was my first trip to Camotes, so I trusted her recommendation.

The resort is one of few luxury hotel you can find in the island. It has a sister resort called Mangudlong  Rock Resort and Green Lake Park. If you stay in either one these resort, you can also enter for free in either of the two, as what the staff told us.

I cannot review the food since we went out in the nearby restaurant to eat. It seems that they do have a buffer dinner for 200 Pesos/person ( $5).

Our room was clean and was good enough for the family. We got the cheapest air conditioned room and even though it was on the side, we still got a really great view of the sea. The staff were very polite and helpful when we ask for something.

I love the location too. The resort sit atop on the cliff and has a great view of the ocean. They also have a pool, and the kids were just loving it.  I have not been to their other resort but if I ever go back to Camotes Island, I would still prefer to stay at Santiago Bay and just go visit the other two.


Travel Theme: The Four Elements

This week travel theme talks about the 4 elements; earth, water, fire and air.  These are my representation for each element, enjoy.


earthThe mountain ranges in Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan.

earth2The boiling earth in one of the 7 hells of Beppu, Oita Prefecture Japan.


20130518-062304.jpgAn unfortunate event a few weeks ago when one of the far away neighbor’s house was caught on fire.

fireA fire flower (hanabi) in Toride Japan.


20130518-062448.jpgOne of the many rivers in central Osaka.

waterTumalog Falls in Oslob Cebu.


20130518-062651.jpgThe flags waving as the wind blows, in Ho Chi Minh Vietnam.


This one in Camotes Island Cebu.

Have a great weekend everyone 🙂

Life’s a Beach?

It’s a cold, cloudy  Saturday morning here in Osaka and it made me want to go somewhere warm like maybe a beach and enjoy a cold mango shake or coconut juice. It’s making me miss home – Philippines.

I was looking through some of my pictures from my vacation last year and it made me just want to hop onto a plane and go home for a weekend. I wish I could do that.

I posted some pictures in my previous post  , but here are more detailed picture of the island called Camotes.

camotes_portThe port of Camotes Island. It is probably one the cleanest port I seen so far. The water is so clear and pristine , I wish the Island would maintain it that way.

camotes_rideThe Baywalk area. It  is located in the center of town, where you can get some supplies. Farmers would bring there produce here. That is our ride. Cool huh?. An open air ride, eco-friendly. I am the one in the farthest back, trying not to melt.  I wanted to go out and explore the area, but I felt that I was about to melt in a few minutes. Even my cousins who are used to the heat would not even venture out :).


One of the view from our resort.

camotes_santiago_bayResortSantiago Bay Resort. Built on top of this rocky shoreline, they really have a beautiful view of the Island, at least a part of it.

camotes_cousinMy little cousin on his early morning swim. The water was really cool and refreshing.


Sunrise on the beach. One of my favorite moment. Peaceful and quiet.

camotes_sunriseJust before sun came up, a nice stroll at the beach.

camotes_sandHmm , I am really not sure what it was. Sea creature poop? I did not touch it, I swear 🙂


Beach volley anyone?

camotes_beachandCloudsClear blue water on a Sunny day.

I so counting the days already on my next vacay to home 🙂


A week of fun with the family

Jetstart started operating there Osaka <-> Manila Route last March, 2012 and I was very lucky to booked a ticket  for just 35,000 yen to The Philippines.

When R told me about it, there was no hesitation, I immediately booked it. I have not asked permission from my bosses and I was not even sure if my contract would be extended, but this is a chance I was not planning to missed.

Anyways, to make the story short, everything went well with work. Now it’s time for a week vacation of fun in Cebu, Philippines. It’s more fun in the Philippines right?

First destination: Tumalog Falls Oslob City Cebu.

It took us two hours by car to reach the main road to the falls but nobody told us that going to the waterfalls itself takes a little bit of uphill climb. Unfortunately the multicab we rented was not a four wheel drive and could not take us all the way to the falls. We have to rent the local transpo : “habal-habal” or motorcycle. Then after that we need to walk for about 10 minutes downhill and I meant really downhill. A wrong step and you will end up rolling down the hills…BUT it was worth it.

[Pictures here]

The whole place was not yet modernized, you will experience nature as its finest.  I had a little misshap but the whole family had fun so it was all worth it.

My main destination for this vacation though was the beautiful island of Camotes.

Everybody had fun basking in the sun. The island of Camotes is around 2 hours by bus from the main city of Cebu and another 2 hours by ferry .

Most are only local tourist, so it was not crowded and we have a great relaxing time.

We stayed at the very beautiful Santiago Bay Resort for a night, but for our meal we go out to the local restaurant just outside the resort since it’s more cheaper 🙂

A vacation in the Philippines would not be complete if I can’t have my favorite Halo-Halo , Mango , Goldilocks cake and Banana.  Some friends were nice enough to take some time off from their busy schedule and met with me for lunch and Ice cream.

So I am very excited for my next vacation and explore another beautiful island and eat lots of good food with my family and hopefully with T too 🙂