Weekly Photo Challenge : Eerie

* I had this ready already but unfortunately I was so distracted this past few days, so forgive me for being too late.

20131106-222854.jpgA hallway in Angkor Wat.



Weekly Photo Challenge : Sea


I am not a good swimmer but I have a BIG respect for the Sea/Ocean. I always admire it’s calming effect and the sheer power of it.

This picture is not taken by yours truly since I am in it 🙂 , but taken by a friend,Curly Mom.

seaBubbly sea water @ Sihanoukville

Hotel Review : House of Malibu

The next morning after we got to Sihanoukville, we checked out the beach area and tried to look for a vacant room. We found one in House of Malibu, for $50 a night.  Yes it was more than what they normally charge but unfortunately we were on the peak season, The New Year , which it seems all the party is near the beach front.

The Room. We got the back room, no view. The room itself was clean with both ceiling fan and air-conditioning unit. The toilet was big enough but unfortunately the shower does not work very well and the sink needs some really good scrubbing.   The door was jammed. When got into our room, we got locked in and T has to work his magic trick to open the door again, we have to put a paper in the door to keep ourselves from getting locked in and they gave us a padlock set to lock the door. It has only one key, no duplicate so we have to make sure not to loose it 🙂

Unfortunately though, since all the bars are close to each other and the walls are not sound proof , it can get really noisy at night.  The day we move to the hotel , all the travelling and heat got into me and I got a slight fever that I had to stay in the away from the sun.

Beside the price and the toilet, I don’t really have much to complain about this place. We anticipated the noise already when we got a look at the place, it was a risk we took.

The staff were polite enough and the service was okay.

We did a really get good view during the New Year’s celebration though, so I guess it was still worth it.

Do I recommend this place?  Maybe if you don’t have any other option 🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge : Master Pieces

During my visit to Siem Reap, Cambodia last year (2012), I was definitely blown away by what I have seen.  I  know there are lots of masterpieces out there but I think the Angkor Area has proven that man has the talent to do more.

20130727-120655.jpgI was amaze on how this masterpiece, when human does not have the kind of machinery that we have right now. Aliens? Nah. I guess humans of long time ago are more imaginative and inventive, using what are currently available.

20130727-120422.jpgThe best masterpieces , I believe comes from Nature, the greatest designer and architect of all. I was in awe just looking at this tree at Ta Prohm in Siem Reap. I really do believe there are Ents taking care of the trees in Ta Prohm.

20130727-120634.jpgBack in Japan, I was totally amaze when I first saw the Ginkakuji (Golden Temple) in Kyoto. This one in particular was taken just after a day of snow. The contrast between the snow and the golden temple was really amazing.

There are still other amazing masterpieces out there and I hope I can see them all before my time expires. 😀 Have a great weekend everyone.

Travel Theme: Tilted

I do love to play with my camera once in awhile and sometimes it turns out good enough for me. For this week travel theme : Tilted, I have chosen the following pictures:


Just playing around with this angle of the Cherry blossom with the tilted building at the back.

20130724-093300.jpgA very old tree in Ta Prohm, Siem Reap Cambodia.

20130724-093200.jpgA Vietnamese Lady doing  some of Vietnam’s traditional song and dance. I had no idea what she was saying but it was very entertaining. Our guided did a short summary every performance. In this one, she is trying to bring lunch to her beloved who is working real hard in the farm.