Ek Chuah, Osaka’s best chocolatier ?

I had the opportunity to visit this lovely little chocolate cafe(Ek Chuah) here in Osaka and I must say the place is really worth visiting.

The chocolates are definitely pricey but the menu inside the cafe, are more affordable. I tried one their cakes, the Satan Cake

Satan Cake @ Ek Chuah

The first bite without the cream was not what I had hoped for but mixing it with a little cream on top, makes it just right.

I paired with their original(?) chocolate tea, which surprisingly I really liked. We also got some free chocolate truffle as appetizers.

The place has a homey, relaxing  atmosphere. It’s no smoking.

But is it the best? I can say it’s average. A good place to enjoy and relax with your friends.

Ek Chuah is about 3-5 minutes walk from Matsuyamachi Station of Nagahori-Tsurumi Ryokuchi Line.


His and Her Cake

T and I celebrate our birthday one week apart from each other. I was still not feeling well on T’s birthday so I was not able to make him a really nice dinner . To compensate, I got him the freshest summer cake I could find.

Tada ….20130720-093241.jpg


Watermelon Cake. The container is actually the watermelon husk(?) itself. After the insides were scooped out, a thin layer of cake was placed and the watermelon was arranged on top of it. I got it very early, a few minutes after the store opened so it as FRESH as it can be. T loved it so I was really happy.


Since I love strawberry and blueberry, T got me a really nice cake from my favorite cake shop, Chat Noir . It was oh so good. I ate it in a matter of seconds 🙂

Have a great weekend everyone.

Yummy mini cakes

One thing I really like about Japanese cakes is the subtlety of the taste. Each ingredients does not overpower the other, you can actually taste them as you take a bite.

I have been avoiding my favorite cake shops. So when T’s special day came , I used it as an excuse to get me some cakes 🙂

Aging beautifully :)

Another year is going to be added to my 30 something age.  It’s not depressing me, I am maturing beautifully 🙂 That is my mantra for this month 🙂

Anyways, M decided to have a small party for S, T and Me. The 3 of us are celebrating on the same month.

I decided to make some spring rolls and upside down blueberry cake.

The guest were mostly M’s friends, 8 girls and T was the only guy there. I tried to invite some people but they were busy with their individual lives, so it was just me and T. But it was still fun. I think I ate enough cake to last me a week 🙂

M also gave me a very cute folding fan , just perfect for summer.

The Black Cat ( Chat Noir )


For the past 6 months, I kept passing this pastry shop and though I was intrigue I did not have the chance to taste their product till last week. H came for a short visit and when we passed the shop, she immediately recommended it and got me two of their cakes.

Introducing Chat Noir’s Pumpkin Cake and Yam Cake


It looks very simple but wait till you get in the middle. A nice chunk of pumpkin and cream is hidden beneath. I really love it. It is not too sweet and it really goes well with black coffee or green tea.


There is also a nice surprise once you get to the middle.

So if you ever pass by any of Chat Noir shop be sure to check some of their cakes.