Old Kimura Distillery

As we got nearer to Takeda Station I immediately noticed the word “Distillery” on the shop wall. I did not know what kind, but I have to check it out and no I don’t drink Nihonshu(Japanese Sake) but T loves it so I might as well get him a small present.


Anyways after we got down from the ruins, we still have about an hour and a half to wait for the next train so we decided to take a peak. The staff were very accommodating and the toilet were very clean and stylish too. They have a restaurant but looking at the menu, it was a bit pricey and we don’t have much time to eat though so we went to their cafe instead. I was too cold to get a picture, we immediately sat down to the nearest heater and ordered some warm drinks. Their chocolate drink was really delicious. The next I saw was some were taking out their gloves and socks and tried to at least dry it a little bit. Nobody else was in the cafe and the waiter was not caring at all 🙂

20140111-200734.jpgThis was the Nihonshu I got for T. A small bottle for 500 yen. It’s raw Nihonshu accdg. to the guy so it needs to be opened slowly or just like champagne it will burst 🙂 . There were still rice grains in it but unfortunately T did not like it.

I tried to search for a website but I can only find there FB page and a page from Rakuten. It looks like Old Kimura Distillery has a hotel. I can say if the hotel is nice or what but the Cafe is certainly a nice place to visit when your in the area.