Rockstar , the Reptile Cafe

Another interesting reptile cafe that Miss A introduce us is Rockstar.

This one is located in Nipponbashi area, so very convenient for taking a break after shopping for electronics.

You pay 1000 yen which already includes a one-time membership and 1 drink. The next visit you will only pay for food and drinks.

Untitled This not so little guy freely roams the cafe. Untitled

Untitled Human.. you are disturbing my me time !!! Untitled
Good selection of drinks..

I`m such a beauty !

Unfortunately, I really pity the owls. It was a good day but not for me. I`d rather have them free and enjoying the wild where they are supposed to be.


Again : Reptile Cafe

Again is the very first Reptile Cafe in Kansai Area.

If it was only me, I would not dare to go but thanks to dear friend Aki who organized the event, I decided to go. I’m not scared of reptiles, in fact I’m fascinated with them.

Before the pictures, let’s sort out some of the information.

How to get there: Nearest train station is JR Taisho(大正) Station. From the station it’s about 20 minutes walk but you can also take the bus and stop at  Taisho Chugakko Mae (大正中央中学校前下車 )

How much : It will cost you 1000 yen (as of this writing) and you will get 1 drink and a cake.

Taking pictures is allowed but no flash as it will hurt the reptiles eyes or makes them agitated. Hold it gently and ask the owner if you want to hold one.

Untitled Find the sign and you are there. Untitled
As soon as the cafe opened, he was the first one to come out and had a short walk around. Local residents seems to know him already and got out of his way. His name is Kame.

He only came back, when the owner called him and showed him food.
Untitled He walks freely in and out of the cafe but he does not go far. His favorite spot is near the toilet door. So when he is taking a nap there, nobody can go into the toilet unless you can move an almost 50 kilos tortoise. Untitled
Of course there is the black pig .

Untitled Aki holding a snake (no idea what kind). Untitled
I think this is a corn snake. Owner is actually breeding this one, so you can buy little ones if you want a snake pet.

Untitled This one loves to be tickled just under the chin. Untitled
I want to be in the picture too.

Untitled I’m soo cute. Untitled

Human , who took my cake?

Other reptiles, are not allowed to be touched so you can enjoy watching them from their little houses.

Although, it was interesting watching these creatures in their little cages when they could have been out in the wild free and be wild makes me sad. The tortoise should have been in the sea , swimming not walking around in the concrete.


Egg Benedict in Osaka

My first egg benedict was in California. When the plate arrived it was huge, there was no way I could finish it on my own.  I do not like to waste any food and since everybody (almost) ordered the same thing, I am left to fend for my self  :p. I think I finish 1 and 1/2 of the serving and was full all day long.

When somebody posted a link to Cafeteria Sonrisa , in FB’s page “The Best in Osaka” about egg benedict, I got curious.

Caferia Sonrisa

Together with Miss Y, I tried their Salmon and Avocado Egg Benedict and I really like it.

Egg Benedict

Don’t you think it looks good ? 🙂
Egg Benedict

Together with some really cold (non-alcoholic) Mojito.

So if you are missing Egg Benedict, head out to Cafeteria Sonrisa.

Ek Chuah, Osaka’s best chocolatier ?

I had the opportunity to visit this lovely little chocolate cafe(Ek Chuah) here in Osaka and I must say the place is really worth visiting.

The chocolates are definitely pricey but the menu inside the cafe, are more affordable. I tried one their cakes, the Satan Cake

Satan Cake @ Ek Chuah

The first bite without the cream was not what I had hoped for but mixing it with a little cream on top, makes it just right.

I paired with their original(?) chocolate tea, which surprisingly I really liked. We also got some free chocolate truffle as appetizers.

The place has a homey, relaxing  atmosphere. It’s no smoking.

But is it the best? I can say it’s average. A good place to enjoy and relax with your friends.

Ek Chuah is about 3-5 minutes walk from Matsuyamachi Station of Nagahori-Tsurumi Ryokuchi Line.

Cafe Pascucci



A new coffee shop opened last year and although I’m not a cafe fan ( yes I still prefer to eat or drink at comfort of my home) , the place really looks inviting.

I finally gave in and went there last February a enjoyed a cup of cappuccino.

The place is very spacious, prices are affordable, free WIFI and most of all NO SMOKING.

Caffe Pascucci is definitely a good place for friends to get together while enjoying a cup of coffee or just be alone reading a good book.