Thailand 2016 : Ayutthaya

The Ayutthaya City was founded in the 13th Century until it was destroyed in the 18th Century by the Burmese. You can still explore the remains and be reminded of it’s past splendor.

Day trip to Ayutthaya The sleeping Buddha. Day trip to Ayutthaya

Day trip to Ayutthaya The tree and the head of the Buddha. Day trip to Ayutthaya
The bird and the Buddha.

Day trip to Ayutthaya
Lines of Buddha.

You can easily reached Ayutthaya from Bangkok by train, buses, taxes or minivans. We decided to take the minivans from Victory Monuments. It cost around 70 baht or was it 100 baht (I think).  It is faster and more comfortable than train since it is cooler but not as expensive as taxis.

From the minivan station, you can rent tuk-tuk to take you around the site or rent a bicycle if you are up for it. It gets really hot so make sure to bring lots of liquid to hydrate yourself.  The Tuk-Tuk was a nicer option and there were two other tourist who shared with it with us, so it was cheaper.

Like any temple around Thailand, shoulders and knees are not allowed to enter so bring a shawl or sarong for cover.

Have a good trip to Ayutthaya !