Something Red : Bonterra

I was never a red wine fan and then my first red wine experience here in Japan, it was chilled , did not breathe properly and so it tasted like bad vinegar to me.

T suggested that it should be room temperature and must breathe before drinking it. That’s what I did and now I’m loving it.

I’m still very much a newbie but this will be a series of post as I venture out into the Red Wine World 🙂

First , let’s start  with this organic wine from Mendocino County, California. Year 2013.


This was supposed to be a gift but the cork almost popped out during transit so we decided to drink , well me mostly.

We got this summer, and we don’t have a proper wine cellar and of course it was a very humid month, we decided to store it in the refrigerator. Of course when it was time to drink it, we let return to its normal room temperature.

Verdict? It was the first time  I really enjoyed Red wine. It did not taste like vinegar at all. I actually finished the whole bottle on my own, suffice it to say, I got drunk but who cares I was loving this red wine.

What is your favorite Red Wine?

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