Thailand 2018 : The Sanctuary of Truth

Although The Sanctuary of Truth has probably left some forest bald , deforestation , you can’t helped but be impressed by it. This temple is located Pattaya which is about 3 hours by bus from Bangkok.  It is located along the shore, so the sea breeze constantly deteriorate the structure so it needs constant maintenance….

Weekly Photo Challenge : Structure

One of the many famous structure in Japan are castles. Presenting Wakayama Castle. The base of the castle are stones, perfectly piled on top of each other to support the castle on top of it.  

Myamar Adventure : Mt. Popa

We had a whole before our bus to Yangon leaves so we decided to visit Mt. Popa. Mt. Popa is a dormant volcano which is about 40-50 minutes by car from New Bagan. The temple on top of Mt. Popa Another one. We paid about 22,000 Kyats ( $15-17) for 2 people. The taxi waited…

Myanmar Adventure : Bagan 

Bagan was considered to be the heart of Myanmar over the centuries. It burts of spiritual creativity which lasted for two and half centuries , beginning in 1047 and ending in 1287 when Kublai Khan raided the city. One the main attraction is the “Bagan Archaelogical Zone” which occupies an impressive 26-sq mile area. Sunrise…

Myanmar Adventure : Shwedagon Paya (Pagoda)

I never really finished writing about the last trip to Myanmar, so please allow me to continue. After we visited Botataung Paya, we walked all the way to Shewadagon Paya. Same as Botataung, I was mistaken as one of the local and it would have been free entrance for me if I know some basic…