Thailand 2018 : The Sanctuary of Truth

Although The Sanctuary of Truth has probably left some forest bald , deforestation , you can’t helped but be impressed by it.

This temple is located Pattaya which is about 3 hours by bus from Bangkok.  It is located along the shore, so the sea breeze constantly deteriorate the structure so it needs constant maintenance.

Let’s take a short tour of the temple:

Wat Phraya Tai, Sancturay of Truth, Noong Nooch Garden
A view from a far.

Wat Phraya Tai, Sancturay of Truth, Noong Nooch Garden


Wat Phraya Tai, Sancturay of Truth, Noong Nooch Garden
Side View.

Wat Phraya Tai, Sancturay of Truth, Noong Nooch Garden
A little closer.

Wat Phraya Tai, Sancturay of Truth, Noong Nooch Garden
One side of the temple is under renovation, replacing the areas which are already starting to disintegrate.

Wat Phraya Tai, Sancturay of Truth, Noong Nooch Garden
Busy like a bee.

Wat Phraya Tai, Sancturay of Truth, Noong Nooch Garden
Very intricate detail of the temple.

Wat Phraya Tai, Sancturay of Truth, Noong Nooch Garden
At the workshop, busy carving new status.

Inside the temple is as intricate outside or even more.

Visiting this place made the trip to Pattaya worth it.


Weekly Photo Challenge : Structure

One of the many famous structure in Japan are castles.

Presenting Wakayama Castle.

Wakayama Castle

Wakayama Castle
The base of the castle are stones, perfectly piled on top of each other to support the castle on top of it.


Myamar Adventure : Mt. Popa

We had a whole before our bus to Yangon leaves so we decided to visit Mt. Popa.
Mt. Popa is a dormant volcano which is about 40-50 minutes by car from New Bagan.
Untitled The temple on top of Mt. Popa Untitled
Another one.

We paid about 22,000 Kyats ( $15-17) for 2 people. The taxi waited for us too so it was really a good deal.

Untitled A long and scenic climb. Just like any temple in Myanmar, shoes are not allowed. You need to walk at least 700 stairs before you can reach the top. There are no specific fee to enter but you are required to donate a specific amount ­čÖé for maintenance. There are several locals constantly cleaning the stairs in specific area which is really great. There are monkeys roaming around also so be careful about bringing food. Untitled
Your friendly neighborhood monkey.

Untitled View from the top. Untitled

One of the Pagoda on top.


If you have a few hours left before leaving Bagan, I suggest to take a short detour to Mt. Popa.

Myanmar Adventure : Bagan 

Bagan was considered to be the heart of Myanmar over the centuries. It burts of spiritual creativity which lasted for two and half centuries , beginning in 1047 and ending in 1287 when Kublai Khan raided the city.

One the main attraction is the “Bagan Archaelogical Zone” which occupies an impressive 26-sq mile area.

Sunrise and Sunset is the best part of the day to view the temples/ pagodas.

Untitled Sunrise Untitled

Getting inside Bagan is not free. We paid $15 per person to get into the city. Make sure you do not loose your entrance ticket for the duration of your stay.

We took a night bus from Yangon and arrived in Bagan around 4 am in the morning just in time for the sunrise and it was beautiful.
There are several ways to tour the site and we decided to rent a horse carriage for the day and it was a good idea indeed. Our driver and tour guide took us to a lovely place to watch the sunset.
Untitled Waiting for the Sunset at one of the temple. Untitled
Another Panoramic view of Old Bagan.

Untitled One of the many Pagodas you can around Old Bagan. I kept saying “Old Bagan”, since that is what most of the local refer to the archaeological site. New Bagan refers to where most of the local lives. Untitled

Our ride for the day. Very comfy and keep us out of the sun.

December is considered to be one of the Dry season and it can get hot in the day. There are barely any shades around till you get to the Pagoda.
Untitled Our very hardworking tour guide for the day. Untitled
You can also meet local selling this kind of art. They claim to be the one making it. Well technically they do paint it. It’s one of those do it yourself painting with already patterns on it and all you need to do is paint it. I got suckered into buying one and later found out that almost everyone is selling the same thing.

And in all pagodas, small or big, shoes are not allowed so it would be advisable to bring an extra pair of socks or wet wipes to use afterwards.

Bagan is an amazing place to visit. A place full of history. If not for invaders, I wonder how the city would have flourish. What kind of philosophies or philosophers or scholars have studied there.  If only those rocks, pagodas could talk, I wonder what kind of stories they would tell.


Myanmar Adventure : Shwedagon Paya (Pagoda)

I never really finished writing about the last trip to Myanmar, so please allow me to continue.

After we visited Botataung Paya, we walked all the way to Shewadagon Paya.

Same as Botataung, I was mistaken as one of the local and it would have been free entrance for me if I know some basic words. Unfortunately, as soon as the girl asked me about the tickets in the local dialect, I had a big question mark in my face and he basically said “ah foreinger” and got another ticket for me to pay.

Just like any other temple or pagoda in Yangon, you are not allowed to wear shoes or socks inside. You can bring it with you or leave it at the entrance.

Shewadagon Pagoda is located at the center of Yangon and no building must be taller than it.

Untitled En route , we had a short stop at one of the cafe located at the top most of this building and had a great view of Yangon city. (Sorry I totally forgot the name of the building). Untitled
As you get nearer to the Pagoda, the surrounding changes. You can see more smaller pagodas and more prominent houses.


There are I think 4 main entrance to the Pagoda, one in east, west , south and north. Each of which is compose of a long staircase with shops along the way.  This part is still free although shoes and socks are no longer allowed. So if you just want to get trinkets, you can visit here anytime.

Untitled View from the top of the stairs. Let’s start the tour shall we? Untitled

Untitled A Panoramic view inside the Pagoda grounds. Untitled

Untitled Shwedagon Paya. Unfortunately,  since they were doing some renovations, the main Pagoda was covered.Untitled
A reclining Buddha. One of the many Buddha statue you can find inside.

It is a huge complex and lots of things to see.
Just be reminded that this is a holy place for the local citizen of Yangon and there are lots of people doing pilgrimage, so please be respectful and follow the rules.

It is a very beautiful Pagoda and a good place to see the religious part of Myanmar.