Ramen : Kisshoumaru

One fine day, me and some friends decided to go to Kyoto and eat Ramen the whole day. We thought maybe we could eat a least 3 bowl but we can only manage two and one of that Ramen is just awesome.

Kisshoumaru is located in Kayamachi which is about 10 minutes walk from Hankyu Kawaramachi Station.

Ebi Tonkotsu Ramen @ Kisshoumaru Kyoto http://www.yelp.com/biz/eSc5rvUmhChV3mSdIiMcUA?utm_source=ishare

This is the first time I tried a Shrimp base Ramen and it was amazing. The soup was just so good, I can’t imagine the calorie but who cares :D.

It’s been a year so I probably go back to Kyoto and have another bowl.



Ramen : Fusuma ni Kakeru (フスマにかける)


Miss S, suggested this Ramen located in Nakazaki-cho. It was really good, very light for a ramen but still very tasty. Miss K and I basically finished everything even the soup.

According to Miss S, there is always a long line here specially during weekends so if you have time on weekday it might be better. We went Wednesday, we got a table for 3 and did not need to wait. Although as soon as we got there, the whole place was occupied.

It’s less than a minute away from Nakazakicho Station Exit 1 or probably about 15 -20  minutes Osaka/Umeda Station.

Ramen : Muteppou (無鉄砲)

Muteppou (無鉄砲)

This ramen is simply amazing. The soup is so thick and the noodles just perfect. I can’t imagine the calorie per bowl, but it’s heavenly. I tried the regular Tonkatsu and it was more than enough for me.

If you are in Osaka, just head out to Daikukocho Station ( Yostubashi/Midosuji) Line and get out in Exit 3. Turn to your right and just walk straight. It’s about 3 minutes walk from the exit. They also have branches in Nara, Kyoto, Tokyo and Sydney.


Tomato Ramen : Tomato no Sato (トマトの里)

A few years ago, my former boss took us to a tomato ramen near the office and I remembered we have to wait in line but it was worth it.  The only thing I remembered about the store is that it was/is near Awaza Station.

Searching through tabelog, I found it. So one cold Wednesday evening, together with 3 other Ramen lover, we searched and look for the place.

Tomato Ramne

The shop owner gave us an extra slice of meat too, although he did told us to keep our voice down, I guess he did not like us talking in English. The ramen is really good.

It’s about 2 minutes walk from Exit 1 of Chuo Line Awaza Station.

God Tiger Ramen? (神虎)

During cold months in Japan, Ramen is one of my comfort food.

Recently I met fellow Ramen lovers at work and we shared our favorite Ramen places here in Osaka.

One of the recommendations is Kami-Tora Ramen. I found a small branch just outside of Kita-Shinchi station, and so one cold Wednesday night, together with my foodie buddy Miss S and Miss K, we ventured out and slurp this very delicious noodle concoction.