Weekly Photo Challenge : Structure

One of the many famous structure in Japan are castles. Presenting Wakayama Castle. The base of the castle are stones, perfectly piled on top of each other to support the castle on top of it.  

Weekly Photo Challenge : Corner

I did not have the chance to visit the Snoopy Museum in California but when it opened in Tokyo Japan, I decided to visit it no matter what. During a business trip to Tokyo, I had half a day of free time before going back to Osaka so my chance has finally come. Unfortunately, since…

WPC : Contrast

Organizing some pictures , and I found out that I accidentally took the same picture of the same location in Kyoto. Check out the contrast of the garden in each season. Late spring, early summer 🙂 Autumn, 2013.

WPC: Contrast

Long time no hear fellow WPC’ers :). I hope you enjoy or like my choice for this week ‘s theme. This was taken in one of the many shops in Sanjo , Kyoto Japan. I was taking a picture of the “TinTin Shop” when an old man walked right through it. I was annoyed but…

WPC: Abandoned

I noticed these stones whenever I visit Osaka Castle but I never knew there significance till recently. The stones are called “残念石”. 残念 (Zannen) means differently in how you use it , but in general it means, “regret” or “disappointment”. 石 (Ishi) : means stone. Each of these stones where taken from a quarry site…