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Costume. I love wearing them. I call my working clothes costume because they are not something I would normally wear.

Back in my younger days, or even now, I still want to wear some anime costume and join a cosplay. I don’t play FF but I love Lulu’s costume.

These are some of my favorite cosplayers I have seen so far. Pictures are taken during a cosplay event in Intex Osaka 2008.

It was winter but she did not mind the cold as long as she give a perfect pose. She looks so cool.

I really want to try this one 🙂

From the Japanese Animation : Bleach.

More cosplay picture from that here.

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Cosplayers in the Park

Tsurumi Ryokuichi Park is not that famous in Osaka. Japanese people that I have met have not heard of it but it seems that the park is a famous hangout for cosplayers.

Last weekend, lots of cosplayers where in the park for a day with Sakura and photo sessions. I asked one of them if it was an event or something but according to them, they were just there on their own, just having fun, dressing up as their favorite anime characters and taking pictures under the sakura tree.

The park is huge and have several theme gardens from around the world and more than enough space for every cosplayers.


Inuyasha in the woods 🙂
Naruto and Sasuke goofing around 😉


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Cosplayers again

Well be posting them in thumbnail so that I can post them all 😀


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Went to my very first Cosplay event held at Intex Osaka  . People is not my fave subject but I had fun taking pictures no matter how cold it was ..
Can you guess which anime character they are? I was lost which is which .. I guess I’m not that Otaku yet 😀
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Jack Sparrow??

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