Travel Theme: Costume

Costume. I love wearing them. I call my working clothes costume because they are not something I would normally wear. Back in my younger days, or even now, I still want to wear some anime costume and join a cosplay. I don’t play FF but I love Lulu’s costume. These are some of my favorite…

Cosplayers in the Park

Tsurumi Ryokuichi Park is not that famous in Osaka. Japanese people that I have met have not heard of it but it seems that the park is a famous hangout for cosplayers. Last weekend, lots of cosplayers where in the park for a day with Sakura and photo sessions. I asked one of them if…

Cosplayers again

Well be posting them in thumbnail so that I can post them all 😀


Went to my very first Cosplay event held at Intex Osaka  . People is not my fave subject but I had fun taking pictures no matter how cold it was .. Can you guess which anime character they are? I was lost which is which .. I guess I’m not that Otaku yet 😀