Book for a Smile

On Hold

I am putting my little project “A book for a smile” on hold since I am experiencing a little difficulties with my finances due to family responsibilities and some traveling.  Acquiring books , English books is also more expensive than just getting it directly back home.

This is my little baby and I am not giving up on it.  Hopefully when all else is done, I am going to go full force with this project , till then.

Wish me luck 🙂

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Slowly but Surely


Why is it that when you need something you can no longer find it? Before I started this little Book Project there were several posting of book sale in the flea markets(online) here in Osaka but now that I need them , NONE. I also checked the different schedule flea markets, its mostly vegetables and crafts, so no luck for this month.

I decided to check out BOOK OFF, for second hand English Books. I was surprised to find  several shelves of books.  The last time I was there there was only 1 shelf. I wanted most of them but I am low on funds so I just took the ones that are in good condition , affordable and is fun for the kids.

Just hoping that I will be able to accumulate enough books to send to the school. Ganbarimasu 🙂

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Book drive Osaka

This is an idea I got after seeing some pictures from a high school classmate. She is currently teaching in an elementary school back in my hometown in Ozamiz City , Philippines.

They got some book donations from their benefactor from Canada, and when the kids open the boxes, the excitement and happiness in their eyes are just memorable.

Public libraries or even a small library in schools are not available. I remember before that I have to ask my rich classmate if they would let me borrow their books, I was just lucky though my mother loves books and she has some collections from her college days and my classmates where nice enough to let me borrow their books too. They know that their books are much more safer with me than with them :).

Looking at those kids smile, when holding the books is priceless.  I want to be make them smile more, so I am slowly collecting books ( English) by checking out flea markets, sayonara sale here in Osaka. In my next vacation, I think I will go through my remaining book collection and just donate it to those kids who wants to read it.

A friend also decided to join this idea of mine, hopefully between the two of us, we can collect as much books as we can. Crossing our fingers 🙂

I will posting updates as I go along this project.

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