Philippines 2017 : Swimming with the Whaleshark in Oslob

The name Oslob became famous because of the whale shark.

The town is about 2-3 hours by bus to the South of Cebu City.  It got scandalize when a picture of a girl rode one of the whales while being tied down got posted on facebook.

Interviewing one of the fisherman who is working as one of the boatmen ferrying tourist to the whale-sharks , I found out that the local government step over and took control over the situation.

Now the fishermen worked together to make the place cleaner and protect the whale-sharks while tourist both local and foreign enjoyed the  this gentle giants. They also chased away boats bringing tourist who are not registered with the local government.

There are now rules that the fishermen follows and the place although still chaotic, it is organize chaos now.

Fishermen now have extra income to support their families as well, so they do not over fish for extra income. Fishes are now slowly coming back as well.

Untitled Enjoying the sunrise while waiting for the whale-sharks. Basic information about the whale-sharks Untitled

Basic rules to follow

I do not own a go-pro or water resistant camera, but everybody have 30 minutes chance to swim together with the whale-shark and it was an amazing creatures. I was very happy that I got a chance to see them up close and personal.

The whale-sharks are not there for our entertainment so please respect the creatures and follow the rules. Let’s admire and enjoy the moment swimming with these gentle giants.

Enjoy Oslob.


Any thoughts?

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