Thailand 2016 : Koh Samui

Koh Samui or Samui Island is the 2nd largest island of Thailand.

We met a nice gentleman that most local go to Koh Samui during the school break , which is around July and December so going there in May would be a nice a relaxing since it will not be so crowded.

Most tourist will go and visit the East side of the island since that is where most of the party is going on. Local mostly go the west side. Luckily, we were booked around the West side. It was a relaxing , quiet atmosphere.

Relaxing in Koh Samui All alone in the beach. Relaxing in Koh Samui
Enjoying a beautiful sunset and all ours.

The west side of the island is where most of the expensive resorts are but we did found Lipa Lovely Resort which fits our budget. They were also very kind to upgrade our room so we were very happy about that.

From Koh Samui, you can join a tour to Ang Thong National Marine Park. You can opt for a normal tour or Kayak around the island which is so much fun. I had body pains afterwards and sunburn but it was a great day.

Day trip to Ang Thong National Park Getting ready to make a tour around the island in a Kayak. Day trip to Ang Thong National Park
Beautiful, but since it is protected no swimming allowed.

If you want to get away from the bustling city of Bangkok, Koh Samui is the place to be.

Best way to get there is by plane, a bit expensive but faster and less troublesome. Although the way to get there can also be an adventure but if you are press of time, airplane will be the best.



Any thoughts?

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