A close encounter with a Nuclear Power Plant


Never in my wildest dream that I would ever be so close to a Nuclear Power Plant in Japan.

There is 3-day weekend every September in Japan. A nice time to visit the beach and unwind. It is a time when the barely anybody is in the beach. It is interesting to point out that everything has a proper schedule in Japan. As soon as August ends, Summer is officially over and all stores around the beach are close. It’s like a ghost town.

So how did we end up in this part of the country? After asking a Japanese friend who recommended a beach in Fukui area, I went and look for a place to stay. After calling several hotels and ryokan , Katsumiya was the only one that was open.

It was affordable and still accessible by train + bus. Checking out the beach picture, it looked really promising.

After T arrived from his summer break in the States, he checked out the location to get a rough idea and that’s when he noticed the Nuclear Power Plant.

I was already feeling uneasiness of the situation but still hopeful that it’s still far away. Unfortunately, the gods were having too much fun to give us what we wish.

We found our inn and lo and behold, it right across the power plant.

There were no convenience store. No banks. No vending machine. No restaurants. Nothing!!!

Either we go back to town which is an hour away by bus or eat at the hotel. Luckily, the inn were still able to prepare a meal for us for extra fee.

The location of the inn is in a sleepy fishing village, so we still need to walk a good 15 minutes to reach the beach front.

It was still a memorable and nice weekend even with our current dilemma.

Tsuruga, Fukui
The fishing port in front of the inn.

Tsuruga, Fukui The fisherman and the nuclear power plant. Tsuruga, Fukui
The bridge connecting the power plant. You can actually visit the plant, just reserve an a shuttle bus will take you there.

Tsuruga, Fukui Up close and personal with the Fukui Nuclear Power Plant. Tsuruga, Fukui
If the power plant was not there, this place would have been perfect.

Tsuruga, Fukui The contemplating man and the Power plant. Tsuruga, Fukui
The beautiful Sunset.


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  1. Vhio Magtoto says:

    is it dangerous? you should have visited the hospitals.

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