Oyamazaki Villa


One good thing about working far from home is the free train pass and unlimited train ride between home and work.

So one fine spring day, I took the train to Yamazaki and check out the much talked about Asahi Beer Oyamazaki Villa Museum of Arts.

The main building was built by a wealthy businessman, Shotaro Kaga, and was considered for demolition decades after his death. Fortunately, with the help of local people, the Kyoto government and Asahi Breweries, the Villa was preserved and was opened to the public as Asahi Beer Oyamazaki Villa Museum in 1996.

Let’s start the tour.

Yamazaki Villa
The tunnel going to the Villa.

Yamazaki Villa
I thought I’ve already reached the Villa, but this turn out to a small resting place and locker to store big backpacks or big luggage since it’s not allowed inside the Museum.

Yamazaki Villa
Beautiful, Sakura tree.

Yamazaki Villa
I’m finally here.

Yamazaki Villa

The Museum houses Monet’s Waterlily collection. Just like any other museum taking pictures inside is prohibited but taking pictures of the outside garden from the inside is not and thus:

Yamazaki Villa
Japanese garden , from one of the glass doors.

On the top floor of the museum is a cafe with a veranda and a view of Yawata city
Yamazaki Villa

I wanted to stay here , relax and enjoy the view unfortunately a group old folks where occupying the whole place and chatting their hearts away.
So on I go with my tour.
I decided to enjoy the view of the garden, and it was a better decision.

Yamazaki Villa
The garden and the pond from another angle.

Yamazaki Villa
A rabbit sculpture. I think its really out of place in a very zen garden and it’s huge too.

Yamazaki Villa
The view of the Villa’s veranda cafe from the garden.

Yamazaki Villa
The green Sakura and the Museum.

You can reach the museum by taking JR or Hankyu Line and stop at Yamazak Station or Oyamazaki station respectively. Free shuttle bus is also available for guest from both station, check the schedule here.

I hope you enjoy the tour and please give it a quick visit when you visit Kyoto.


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  1. This area is a real gem in the Kyoto crown. It requires at lease a day to check-out the area. Also there are plenty of eateries.

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