Kyoto Autumn Walk 2014

I joined an autumn walk around Kyoto last year and we saw some really nice places. We all met first in Arashiyama and walk all the way central Kyoto.

We passed by several temples and shrine but unfortunately, I lost the list of names that I made. So please enjoy the tour.


The mountain and river in Arashiyama Kyoto.

On our way to the Golden Temple, we passed by this area


The sun and the maple leaves


I think this is the Saga-Arashiyama railroad.


The maple tree and the train station.

Near the Golden Temple , we passed by a parking area and the trees are around it were very beautiful.


Yellow !!




More red maple leaves!

We stopped at nearby local park for lunch


Ginko Tree.

After lunch we continue our walk to the next shrine. It was a small one , mostly local tourist but it was beautiful. Unfortunately, I don’t think I can remember how to get there too.


The entrance to the temple or shrine(?). Unless you get inside the main hall , you don’t need to pay to enjoy the lovely trees outside.


A close up.


Another close up.


The fallen leaves.


The maple tree and the gate.

We continued our walk and on our way we passed by another big temple.


Let’s check it out.


This area is not open to the public but they opened the door, to allow visitor to glimpse at the garden.


It would be nice to have a picnic under these trees.


A small treat while walking along the Kamo River.


The Sunset.


Attempted night shot using iPhone.


Another one.

We walked more or less 20 km around Kyoto that day. The weather was great, the company was great. It was an amazing day.

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3 thoughts on “Kyoto Autumn Walk 2014

  1. So beautiful.<3 ❤

  2. After seeing this, I am definitely paying Kyoto a visit when I go to Japan in a few weeks.

    • Have fun in Kyoto. You will be going in Summer though, so it’s going to be very humid and hot and all green.

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