Train Musings :  Addicted to Meetup?


Have you heard of Meetup?

If not, then you missed half of your life :p( just kidding). 

Meetup is a community for people who share the same interest without necessarily knowing each other or being friends. Somebody would organize or host an event and interested people would come. 

I discovered Meetup back in 2010 when I was working in Tokyo. I wanted to visit places which are not in the tourist sites/book.  I found a group that do river walking. It seems she found a book written by about the old river found in Kanto area. Majority of the rivers are gone but the history is still there. I joined two events in this group and forgot about it. 

When I moved back to Osaka, I reunited with Meetup and suggested my first event to a certain group. I did not know tht if you suggest an eveny you automatically end up as its host. 

Ever since I’ve been hosting and doing events once or twice a moment. Sometimes almost every weekend. I found some really interesting people from different countries and some ended as my good friends.

But lately, I’ve noticed that I can’t seem to stop thinking of the next thing to do. It’s time consuming and sometimes requires a lot of patience, specially since your dealing with different personalities. 

It’s fun though, but I think I have to cut it down a bit. I still have 5 events coming up, 2 of which are this coming weekend. A charity event for Nepal. Next two will be a hike and the last one will be a bbq with friends. 

After let’s see if I can control myself 🙂 

Ever joined a meetup event? 

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  1. dragonlife says:

    We’ve tried it in Shizuoka, but I don’t why, it does not work! Probably due to the very laid-back attitude prevalent in our Prefecture!

    1. samokan says:

      Back in 2011, there were only few group compared to Tokyo but lately new groups have been popping up every month. I think Shizuoka is beautiful, there should a lot of things to explore there. What kind of event did you do?

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