Hotel Review : Kokuminshukusha Hotel Shirahama (国民宿舎ホテル白浜)

One of the main reason we keep canceling our Shirahama trip (Wakayama) is because of accommodation.

Since it was 3-day weekend , everybody was going ( it seems ) to Shirahama . Shirahama is also famous for its Onsen so may it summer or winter this place is always packed on long weekends.

T and I got lucky and was able to book at this hotel.

The building is old and our room was also old. Not that well-maintained. We do have our own toilet and there is a common bath with Onsen in the basement of the hotel.

Our futon has is also old and even the sheets have holes in them, clean but old.

It’s not noise proof so we can hear anybody flushing in their toilet in the middle of the night.

There is though a free massage chair in the common area and breakfast was good.

The staff ? Most of them are old folks so we barely see them other than breakfast. The main person in the reception desk , we saw him on the day we arrived only.

It’s one of the cheapest place we found and convenient. It’s only about 5 minutes walk to the beach and a minute walk to the restaurant and bus stop, bank and convenience store.

All in all it was good stay, but if I go back there on a budget trip I will probably stay here again. 🙂


Any thoughts?

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