Summer 2014: A Glimpse of Matsumoto Castle

First of all Happy Happy New Year Everyone. I hope everybody had a great new year celebration, I will be posting about how I celebrated my new year later on but for now, let me continue about what I did last summer :).


The next day, after visiting Kurobe Dam, Miss Y and I decided to check out Matsumoto Castle but unfortunately there was a 2 hours wait to get into the castle itself so we just took a short tour outside. Just like Osaka Castle, the fee is only required when you enter the main castle, so touring around the castle ground is free.

Let’s begin.

The water lilies.

Side View of the Castle.


The Castle.

So when you are in Matsumoto City, make sure to include a short visit to the castle.


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  1. Such a beautiful castle! A very Hapy New year to you too!!

    1. samokan says:

      It is. Thanks for dropping by. Have a New Year to you (again)

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