Visiting Hikone Castle

Hello Hello Blogger world, I hope you are still out there. I’m well and good, if you don’t mind me saying.

Anyways, let me get back to writing some of my recent escapades here in Japan.

Summer is gone and it’s getting colder each day.

One of the places I visited last Summer(2014) is Hikone Castle, in Shiga Prefecture. Unfortunately though P,S and I got rained on all day long. We did manage to visit the castle for a few minutes and decided to call it a day when the rain started again as we were heading to Lake Biwa for a short walk.

It was still fun, I guess the three of us just have to make good of what the day would offer.

Hikone Castle
Here is P as my model for the garden with the castle as the backdrop.

Hikone Castle
Taking a short tour in the garden while the rain temporarily stopped.

Hikone Castle
On our way. Outer moat of the castle.

Hikone Castle
Stairs to Castle.

Hikone Castle
Hikone Castle.

Hikone Castle
A closer look.

Nearest station is Hikone Station of the JR Line. We were able to catch with a local tour bus (only Japanese) and I think we paid 250yen.


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  1. I think Hikone-jo is one of the best castles to experience and Hikone itself is a lovely town to visit.

    1. samokan says:

      Hikone is definitely a lovely town. Hope to go back and explore more when on a good weather 🙂

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