Egg Benedict in Osaka

My first egg benedict was in California. When the plate arrived it was huge, there was no way I could finish it on my own.  I do not like to waste any food and since everybody (almost) ordered the same thing, I am left to fend for my self  :p. I think I finish 1 and 1/2 of the serving and was full all day long.

When somebody posted a link to Cafeteria Sonrisa , in FB’s page “The Best in Osaka” about egg benedict, I got curious.

Caferia Sonrisa

Together with Miss Y, I tried their Salmon and Avocado Egg Benedict and I really like it.

Egg Benedict

Don’t you think it looks good ? 🙂
Egg Benedict

Together with some really cold (non-alcoholic) Mojito.

So if you are missing Egg Benedict, head out to Cafeteria Sonrisa.


Any thoughts?

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