Strolling around Yamadaike Park

I saw an advertisement for a great spot to view some Plum Blossoms, and this park was one of them. Unfortunately, the weekend that I was planning to visit the park it snowed and rain, not a very motivating weather to take a nice stroll around the park.

On a nice Sunday afternoon in May, I convinced T to join for a walk along this beautiful park.

Ike(池) mean pond and right in the center of the park is a big pond.

In Hirakata City, Japan

In Hirakata City, Japan

When we got there, the irises where just starting to bloom and this little guy here is enjoying some of nature’s bounty.

In Hirakata City, Japan

Lots of trees where you can place a mat and just enjoy the weather, the view and the company of family and friends.

In Hirakata City, JapanA big wide open space for kids and adults to play around.

This is the top view of park.

How to get to the park :

By Keihan Line ( Hirakata Station) or JR Gakkentoshi Line ( Nagao Station)  then take the Keihan Bus to Deyashiki(出屋敷)


By JR Gakkentoshi Line and get off at Fujisaka Station and walk about 10 minutes toward Northwestern side.

In Hirakata City, Japan


Any thoughts?

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