Manhole : Shijonawate City

Shijonawate is another City located in Osaka Prefecture.

This manhole cover was first featured in my other post but there was not much information in it so I have decided to make it into a separate post again 🙂

Shijonawate , Daito City Osaka Japan
The color version of the Big Camphor Tree and Azalea both of which are the city’s symbol for Tree and Flower Respectively.

Shijonawate Daito City Osaka Japan
The ordinary/normal version.

The City’s Website has a very poetic description of these two symbols

For the Camphor Tree (楠)

 楠は、わが国に産する樹木中最大のもの。常緑広葉で広円な樹冠を形成します。市内には、楠 正行まさつら墓地にうっそうと生い茂る楠の巨木があり、広く市民に親しまれています。

For Azalea (ツツジ)


The Big Camphor Tree is supposed to be in a graveyard somewhere in Shijonawate, I guess I have to go look for it soon 🙂


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  1. dragonlife says:

    Absolutely splendid! I did notice them in your older post! Great research!

    1. samokan says:

      Thanks. I will be reposting some on the old post with more information soon.

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