Travel Theme : Ancient

I rarely used Keihan Line till recently when my work was temporary transferred somewhere in Kadoma. After the Kyoto Event a few weeks ago, I mentioned that I was getting off at Kayashima Station when one of the girls told me that it a station with a big tree in the middle. I automatically got curious and tried to pry more information from her but unfortunately, she did not anything and only noticed the tree when she passed by the station that day.

It was already dark, cold and drizzling when I arrived at the station and with 3 bottles of heavy Nihonshu and 8 kilometers of walking to do, I decided to postponed my exploration some other time but when I turned in the corner I found it. Seems like it wanted to be found. Maybe it heard me 🙂

It is huge and looks very Ancient. They built a temple around it as well as the station.

I was searching for the story of this tree and I finally found “The Big Kusu Tree of Kayashima“. After reading the story it reminded me of another tree in Mt. Takao , although this tree was considered to be lucky.

Looking up.

After all these years, the tree is still strong and sturdy and not giving in to the concrete that is surrounding it. If this tree could talk what stories could it tell.


Any thoughts?

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